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Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him

to God the Father (Collosians 3, 17)



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Age in 2008 : 36

Birth place : Magelang - Central Java - Indonesia

Enter the Brothers : July 1993

First profession : Yogyakarta - July 3, 1996

Perpetual profession : USA - June 29, 2002



After finishing High School and working for a couple years, I joined the Brothers of Charity. In this institution I got to know more and more people with disabilities. When I was a candidate, the Brothers assigned me to the Institution for the Deaf in Wonosobo-Central Java-Indonesia. From there I started to learn many things about people with hearing impairment.

Before making my first profession, I was assigned to the boarding school with full responsibilities. I got to know the students more and more. I was with them during study time, meals, recreation, and even during shopping.< namespace="" prefix="o" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xml="true">

My first apostolate was as a computer teacher assistant at a general secondary school and high school in Purwokerto-Central Java-Indonesia. After four years working at the schools I have mentioned above, the Brothers sent me to the USA. I worked for people with mental retardation at the mission in Philadelphia. I worked in the USA for three years till 2004.

On July 2004, The Brothers sent me to Belgium to follow Summer Course in Spirituality of Congregation and to enrolled in Interational Institute Canon Triest in the Special Education program. March 2005 went to England to get the experience of working with children and adult with mentally disability.

July 2005 went back to Indonesia and worked at Don Bosco Institute for the Deaf (LPATR) for 1 year. On August 2006, I moved to Yogyakarta to continue study at Psychology Department of Sanata Dharma University and to work at Karya Bakti Foundation.