2018 Christmas letter

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Many changes here since we last wrote in 2016 just before traveling to Michigan, Serbia, Germany and Japan to visit my daughter. We also went to see the total eclipse in Idaho. Video at this link

After 65 years as a resident of Southern California, my mother moved into assisted living in Los Gatos, so I've spent many weekends in Palos Verdes preparing the house for sale, separating 50 years of detritus from treasures - boxing important items, filling garbage cans, scanning and restoring thousands of documents back to the Civil War, and photographs back to before 1900. Here is a link to photos of UC Berkeley in 1947.

After remodeling and landscaping, the house was sold to a wonderful young family who can better benefit from the good public schools there.

Recently my daughter moved from Tokyo to Santa Monica, taking classes in VFX (Visual Effects and Computer Graphics) in Hollywood. She commutes by train and Uber; I’m really impressed with the progress in L.A’s public transportation network. She's learning Nuke, Houdini, and Python.

At work, I finally left the speech synthesis company, and worked for a year in San Francisco on the detection of clinical depression in speech. I’ve learned a lot working with actual experts in the field - which desperately needs better tools for diagnosis and treatment.

Please write to let us know how you are doing, and we wish you happy holidays, Christmas, New Year, Newton's Birthday, and Winter Solstice everyone!

Ben and Keiko Reaves, and Grace b.reaves@ieee.org http://brss.us/xmas2018