Watching the Advent of the App and the Death of the Browser (as we know it)

The Web browser, as we have known it, has been thesole access to Internet resources for the vast majority of 'net users (at least since lynx, veronica, archie, gopher, ftp and the favorite tools of the pre-Web).  With 200,000 Apple apps and 50,000 Android apps available as of May 1, 2010 one might ask how these quarter of a million apps are impacting browsers.
If you have an iPhone, iPad, Droid or other app-rich device, you know what we are discussing.  
Touches are replacing clicks.  Apps accessing some of the top sites - CNN, ESPN, YouTube, and so many more would seem to be taking away from the gross number of browser accesses to those sites. 
And what about widgets?  Reading news, RSS feeds, and more in widgets would also seem to impact the typing of Web page addresses into a browser. 
At the current rate of growth, we may see half a million apps by the end of the year. 
Some early links on this topic: