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July 28, 2006

posted Sep 21, 2011, 9:08 PM by brownzameer


Fade in.

Open on Z, debonaire late 20's boy wearing a gay pink shirt and capri length shorts, sitting on a row of benches watching Pirates of the Caribbean on his laptop.  His laptop is plugged into the upper of the two outlets.  A heavyset WOMAN in her mid to late 20's wearing a tank-top and capri sweats walks up and plugs in her cell phone into the lower outlet.  She's fiddling with the charger and it drops and lightly hits the side of Z's laptop.  Z does not react.  The woman then unplugs Z's laptop, plugs it into the lower outlet and plugs her phone into the upper outlet.


That lower outlet doesn't seem to be working.


Oh it's not charging? 


I don't think so.

                                               Woman (with attitude)

Well I need to charge my phone for a little while.

                                               Z (sternly)

Are you asking me or telling me?


Asking you.


Okay go ahead.

                                               Woman (warmer after being put in her place)

Hey are you waiting for the Seattle flight?




Do you know what time it's supposed to leave?


Last I heard it was 10:15.

The woman takes a deep pissed off sigh.



Z continues to watch his movie while the woman makes a call on her cellphone.  A few minutes later the woman unplugs her phone and then plugs Z's computer back into the upper outlet.


Thank you.


You're welcome

Fade out.

Lesson:  Some people need to be put in their place by being spoken to in their own manner.  I had a similar experience at Cheesecake Factory.  There was a hostess who would slam me by seating me 3 or 4 tables at once on the patio consistently.  I repeatedly axed her not to do it and she would never listen.  One day I took her aside and gave her severe tongue lashing.  After that she was always nice to me and sat me in an appropriate fashion.

As I was watching my movie I wondered how much of my battery was I willing to drain for this woman.  If she was really nice it would have been a lot.  But because she was being a bitch I wasn't willing to sacrifice much charge time to accommodate her.  I was also wondering how far I was willing to take the whole thing.  What if she wouldn't listen to me and just unplugged my laptop?  Would there have been a verbal altercation?  A physical one?  Would I have informed someone?  Would that have seemed petty?  How far was it worth going for?  At this point in my life I would have given her a tongue lashing and that's probably it.  She struck me as a miserably unhappy person who's used to pushing people around and getting her way.  I don't care to be around people like that in my life and will deal with them up to a certain point and then let karma take care of the rest.