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explanation please (12/8/2010)

posted Sep 22, 2011, 8:45 AM by brownzameer
How do you explain the following:
Monday night Faizal gave me a ride home after racquetball. He needed a dollar to tip the valet so I handed him my entire wallet. Normally my cash/credit cards/ID/pen are all held together by the Grand Band. Well my Grand Band had just snapped the other day in Orange County, so my situation was being held together by a hair tie which was not easy to manipulate. I handed Faizal the entire thing and he pulled a dollar out to tip the valet. We got in the car and whilst he was handing my situation back to me, the cap from my astronaut pen fell under his seat. It was too dark to find it so he said he would locate it during the day. I came home that night and was in the shower when Shantali came into the bathroom and told me she was cleaning the apartment that day and found a cap from another astronaut pen from which I had lost the pen portion of at least a year ago.

Here's a list of what had to happen in order for an old cap of over a year ago to be found the same day a newer cap was lost:
1) Racquetball had to be moved from our normal Tuesday night to Monday night
2) Faizal had to valet his car
3) Grand Band had to have snapped and been replaced by a hair tie
4) Faizal had to not have a single dollar bill on his person
5) Our racquetball session had to get cut short due to a messed up held reservation, meaning Faizal's keys were not given to the front desk as they are normally done after rball, which wouldn't have required a tip
6) Faizal gave me a ride home even though he had errands to run and Alnur could have easily done it
7) Shantali happened to be cleaning behind the bike that specific day when she happened across it

Losing a cap and finding a cap on the same day is a very trivial thing, but it does make me wonder how the hell something like this is possible.