Kitchen Decor Accents

kitchen decor accents
  • A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation.
  • A room or area where food is prepared and cooked
  • A set of fixtures, cabinets, and appliances that are sold together and installed in such a room or area
  • Cuisine
  • The Custard Factory is an arts and media production centre in Birmingham, England .
  • a room equipped for preparing meals
  • A mark on a letter, typically a vowel, to indicate pitch, stress, or vowel quality
  • A distinct emphasis given to a syllable or word in speech by stress or pitch
  • (accent) stress: to stress, single out as important; "Dr. Jones emphasizes exercise in addition to a change in diet"
  • A distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language, esp. one associated with a particular nation, locality, or social class
  • (accent) stress: put stress on; utter with an accent; "In Farsi, you accent the last syllable of each word"
  • (accent) distinctive manner of oral expression; "he couldn't suppress his contemptuous accent"; "she had a very clear speech pattern"
  • The decoration and scenery of a stage
  • The style of decoration of a room, building
  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.
  • The furnishing and decoration of a room
  • interior decoration: decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior

Accent Chair
Accent Chair
The accent chair is also something I inherited from my uncle. I want to get it reupholstered, since it has a bit of cragginess on it. I really like the chair because it's not oversized. So much furniture today is oversized, and that doesn't work in apartments. I'm thinking of recovering it with a striped fabric in grey tones, or some burn out floral velvet. Haven't decided yet on this either! The bookshelf was something my step-dad made years ago. It was in my parents' basement. I hauled it out, threw a coat of paint on it, and was pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I put it in the "openconcept" entryway to the kitchen to increase the division of space between the kitchen and the living room. No one really wants to see my dirty dishes. I know I don't! The cat says: Man, why are there so many plants? The cat woke up especially for this picture!
Modular Kitchen in Light Pickled Wood with tile
Modular Kitchen in Light Pickled Wood with tile
Kitchen #4 from Wind River Homes comes in light pickled wood. They are somewhat modular, so you can rearrange the units for your space. But come soft linked in place if that is how you want it. Lovely woods and tiles, with stained glass window accent. All appliances included. Take the TP board at landing point to display area above. Wind River Homes - Dreamwalker (80/193/22) - InWorldz

kitchen decor accents
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