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Reflection on Kidspiration

In this project, I used the program, Kidspiration.  I created a Math/Word game for my students to work on.  This specific activity can be used in the classroom to enforce the concept of "Order of Operations."  This game could either be printed off and given to each student individually, or the students could answer the questions using the computer.  This activity could better help visual/sequential learners in particular.  Visual learners will learn from this because they can see all the problems and visually there will be an end result of a quote to discover.  Sequential learners will learn from tihs because there is a certain procedure that must be followed in order to receive the proper end result of the quote in the right order.  This activity would probably be done individually, because they can work and check themselves just by seeing if the numbers and quote make sense when they are finished.  If it is incorrect, the student should be able to see it and know that something needs to be corrected. 

I could also develop different activities such as concept maps.  The concept map helps the students to work through a problem on their own without the verbal and instructional help of the teacher.  If the student is given an example of a math problem and how to work it out on a concept map, then he/she should be able re-create that process with a similar, but not the exact same, problem.  One barrier to concept mapping could be that the map doesn't give clear enough guidelines for the students to follow.  Also, using technology for concept mapping makes the project more visually stimulating and can be developed in a much more organized way, rather than erasing or scratching out pen/pencil marks. 

The LoTi level depends on the students' use of the concept map.  If the students actively use, manipulate, or work using the computer software, then the project could reach a LoTi level of 3.  If the teacher prints off the concept chart and hands it out to each student, then the Loti level would be more of a 1.  Finally, I could use Kidspiration/Inspiration in helping myself organize my different subject areas for writing papers, taking tests, or using in the classroom during student teaching.