Donor Gallery

“We were excited to donate to the new Brown Ledge ski boat. The water ski dock is, as always, an incredibly popular place in camp. Unfortunately, the current ski boat is very tired. A series of breakdowns last summer told us that it is clearly time for a new boat.” *** Bill and Kathy Neilsen ***
              Anne Chernick & Emily Neilsen
 " Looking forward to driving and skiing behind the a new ski boat in the future. We send our donation in fond memory of Rob's Upper Alps bunkie, Marty Olsen."
                      Rob & Kate Pugh
                          "Our Second home." 
                        The Snedeker Family
      Elaine Tack
Thea Grivakas
My favorite ski boat memories are with Eva. Many Sundays, I am the observer in the boat as campers enjoy her awesome tubing trips. Here we are enjoying a trip of our own.
Lori Angstadt
"Thrilled that you are starting a new Ski Boat fund!!" 
 Hannah Steckler, shown here skiing with Lucy Kaminsky
                                    John Shumaker
Rob & Debbie Maggs with grandchildren
Rob Gross -  almost clearing wake
The deCordova Family
Picture aboved is Lane deCordova (top left) on the pyramid
Allison McDonnell

"It's true...the one thing I have yet to do at BLC is actually stand on the ski dock and attempt to waterski behind the boat (I prefer to kick around the dust in the riding rings)!  But that doesn't mean I don't support the fabulous waterski program we have at BLC - so it is with great pleasure that I give a gift toward the new Brown Ledge ski boat!"
 *** Liz Bell ***

 "One of our favorite set of sounds at Brown Ledge is hearing 'Hit it', the roar of the ski boat, and then a massive cheer - and then knowing by the volume of the cheer whether a camper (or counselor) just got up on skis for the first time."
Kim McManus & Mills Knight
                               The Orben Family
  Cara, Chris, Ian, Ellie & Charlie Zimmerman 
Sarah, Brendon, Blake and Chase Riley
                                     Lyda Blank
I am thrilled that BLC is finally getting a new boat!! Very exciting! 
Sarah Schermerhorn (skiing in her last Aquacade)
Eliot Leitenberg and his wife
Elliot and his daughter
"Some of my best memories of BLC are from the ski dock and the friends I made there.  May this boat provide the same for future campers!"  Shaleigh Murdock Blanck (At left of photo)

Annabelle Lukins Stelling

The Meltzer Family
Pictured above is Sari Meltzer 

Susie McKallor Holic

“It always feels good to give to BLC to perpetuate the spirit of HEB and all the friends who have made camp what it is, but there is something just plan fun about giving for a specific purpose, especially when it’s something that brings such joy to so many campers.”
*** Gregg Donoghue ***

Marc Atz & Bobbi Degnan
Even ski boat hitchikers think it's important to invest in a new ski boat for Brown Ledge! We make this donation in Marty Olsen's memory. Rose Lovshin, Allen Smith, Abby & Rini
While I've had a lot of great experiences after BLC, like petting cheetahs in South Africa as shown in this picture, my experience as a camper and ski counselor in my teens was probably the happiest time of my life.  I had never been on skis before arriving at camp and was able to get my vanguard - and still have the Bob Fardleman poster to prove it :)  What a thrill that was!  Here's to future waterskiers and a new boat! 
Laurie Cameron  
Jamie, Marc, Aurélie, Nicolas, and baby # 3 coming May 11th!
  Mailia Jones performing skier's salute with Lily Kaminski
Andy Broido on slalom
Bonnie Royster & Razzle
Taran Catania on stool & saucer
                           MaryLou Irvine & Kathy Collatos