Short Tennis Equipment

short tennis equipment
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  • Tennis is a sport usually played between two players (singles) or between two teams of two players each (doubles). Each player uses a racquet that is strung to strike a hollow rubber ball covered with felt over a net into the opponent's court.
  • A game in which two or four players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court. The usual form (originally called lawn tennis) is played with a felt-covered hollow rubber ball on a grass, clay, or artificial surface
  • a game played with rackets by two or four players who hit a ball back and forth over a net that divides the court
  • Tennis is an album by Chris Rea, released in 1980.
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short tennis equipment - Stiga Supreme
Stiga Supreme Table Tennis Racket
Stiga Supreme Table Tennis Racket
The Stiga Supreme Table Tennis Racket is perfect for those table tennis players who are looking to become the best of the best. Complete with a regulation inverted surface made from Stiga "Future" rubber (approved by the ITTF), and an anatomic Italian composite handle, the Stiga Supreme Racket is the perfect item to buy for active play at the highest levels. This table tennis paddle consists of a 2.0 mm sponge and a 6-ply extra-light blade with both Tube Technology and Crystal Tech Technology, which provide supreme dexterity and comfort.

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Hi-Tech Golf Performance Center Unveiled at St. Andrews Country Club of Boca Raton
Hi-Tech Golf Performance Center Unveiled at St. Andrews Country Club of Boca Raton
Hi-Tech Golf Performance Center Unveiled at St. Andrews Country Club of Boca Raton -First Private Country Club in Region to Offer Comprehensive Complimentary Golf Instruction Facility (December 1, 2010) Boca Raton, FL —Just in time for the opening of the Florida golf season, St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton officially opened a state-of-the-art Golf Performance Center (GPC) featuring an indoor hitting bay, private practice area, covered patio with complimentary beverage station, state of the art V1 Digital Coaching System and FlightScope Launch Monitor® technologies and a Callaway Golf® branded club fitting area. Now members of the club can visualize firsthand what their golf instructor sees, adjust their swing accordingly and hone their skills in a shorter timeframe at no additional cost. Roy Schwedelson, President, Board of Governors St. Andrews Country Club spoke to members and guests, “We all recognize that due to the economy the golf market continues to tighten. The technological advancements St. Andrews Country Club has implemented with our new Golf Performance Center not only provide our members with state-of-the-art teaching facilities and tools, but attracts avid golfers and prospective new members to our community. As the only private country club in our market to offer this facility it furthers our position as one of the ‘Best of the Best’ clubs in the country.” Schwedelson also announced an exciting year-round Guest Golf Instructor Program that kicked off immediately following the GPC opening with a private golf exhibition and clinic with LPGA Tour Professional and St. Andrews’ Resident Touring Professional Morgan Pressel along with Jim McLean, best known for his research on the golf swing and his work on The X-Factor ®, 1994 PGA National Teacher of the Year and owner of Jim McLean Golf Schools. Each month St. Andrews Country Club members will have exclusive access to some of the top teaching professionals in the world as part of the club’s commitment to ensuring a year-round golf experience that can’t be found anywhere else. “The vision for the GPC and the Guest Golf Instructor Program was solidified after hosting the Grow Golf Forum in which the outcome clearly emphasized the need to embrace technology to foster an interest in the game of golf. By bringing in V1 video analysis we protect our current member golf program while appealing to a younger generation with its combination of computerized equipment and social media, it will be a useful tool in stimulating golf lessons, retail sales and participation in tournaments,” stated Craig D. Martin, St. Andrews Country Club Chief Operating Officer and General Manager. The Grow Golf Forum was held in July at St. Andrews and united the PGA of America, the CMAA, Golf 20/20 and twenty area private country clubs. By partnering with Callaway and bringing in V1 and FlightScope technologies, St. Andrews Country Club is the only private country club in South Florida to offer all of these services, including instruction in a comprehensive brand new GPC facility. The design of the GPC allows the club to double the size as demand warrants and still house all computer equipment and club fitting tools. The professional golf instruction staff can now offer lessons in the GPC, driving range, putting or chipping practice areas or either of the two 36-hole championship courses at the same low price. “We have just elevated our golf instruction by combining personalized coaching with the latest teaching technologies including V1 comparative video analysis, providing a computerized swing diagnosis which shows the golfer exactly where their swing needs correction and improvement. We can even break it down frame by frame or compare a swing to a professional golfer’s to highlight the differences or similarities,” said Glenn Hall, Director of Golf at St. Andrews Country Club. “Members are showing their excitement about the new facility through our Drive Your Swing promotion where they can receive a complimentary swing analysis. They are pleased with the final result and are happy it comes at no additional cost.” Since the official opening, members have already taken advantage of the Drive Your Swing promotion which will end in mid-January with two lucky members receiving a free set of irons provided by Callaway. About St. Andrews Country Club: St. Andrews Country Club of Boca Raton, a resident-only Platinum Club of America, is internationally recognized for magnificent estate residences, superior amenities, two 18-hole championship golf courses, including an Arnold Palmer Signature Design, 15 Har-Tru tennis courts, a state-of-art spa and fitness center and a 125,000 square foot Clubhouse in the center of it all. The Clubhouse provides unequalled culinary delights, a year-round social calendar and offers spectacular views of the lakes, fountains, fairways and manicured greens. St. Andrews has played host to numerous PGA golf exhibitions led by touring
Dedication to "Magnificent" Milo....
Dedication to "Magnificent" Milo....
This photo of Milo & me was taken at Christmastime 2005, our last one together, so it turned out. He was an amazing little dog.... Milo came into our family when he was 7 weeks old. I had no intentions of having a Jack Russell Terrier...I guess because it seemed to be the trendy or typical thing to do if you were an equestrian and I don't usually follow the crowd. My blacksmith told me one day when he was shoeing my horse, that his mother-in-law's JRT was due to have pups soon and he gave me her number to call. Not understanding why he insisted even after I told him I didn't want a pup...I held onto the number anyway. So of course I called her eventually, when the pups were around 3 weeks old. There were 5 puppies, all of them mostly white with black markings on their heads/faces, except the largest one, who had beautiful caramel markings on his head/face and on his body. I brought my son Josh with me to see the puppies and he actually chose that one pup out of the 5 to be the one we would take, if we would get one. The dogs' owner took note and tentatively held him for us in case we decided to add a JRT to our menagerie. A couple weeks later we went back to visit the pups again and the owner told us that another person wanted the same pup and offered her double the amount of money for him but she had refused the offer. Good thing, because we had already fallen in love with him. He was originally named "Frasier" by the breeder but Josh and I decided he should be either "Mickey" or "Milo". At that time there had recently been a movie released titled "The Adventures of Milo & Otis" which is how he thought of it, even though it was actually the cat in that film named Milo. It was shortly thereafter that someone brought to our attention the movie "The Mask" that had a JRT named Milo in it. No matter, most of our Milo's movie references were to "Wishbone" anyway. The next couple of weeks were hard to get through as we waited eagerly for the time to come and bring our new baby home. There, we had 2 horses, a Blue-Tick Coonhound, a cat, a guinea pig, a couple of chinchillas, a bird, and probably some other critters like mice or fish at the time. We always had pets of different sorts. Adding a puppy would surely be a challenge but wouldn't make that much difference in the scheme of things. Or so I thought. Milo was from the start, a most endearing character. Full of life, personality, sense of humor, charisma, energy, loyalty, and compassion. I'd never known a dog so smart and tuned in to the people around him until he came along. Our family went through a lot of major life changes during his lifetime. We moved far away from our home state, then again twice more. The kids left home and he was with me through my empty nest syndrome. He really was my best friend. Ever the muse, he was the topic of a popular informative entertaining website "Magnificent Milo's Doghouse" for a few years and developed an online presence that brought him a bit of 'celebrity' status in real life dog circles. When he was 9, he had his first grand mal seizure. I had told our local veterinarian a year prior to this event that Milo seemed to be acting 'off'. His head was tilting to the right, he was oddly twitching occasionally, his gait had become abnormal and he sometimes acted as if he had headaches. The vet didn't believe in my theory that he may have a brain tumor so he ignored it, even after that first seizure occurred. He said that it is highly unusual for a dog to have a brain tumor and that we should just wait it out and not go "chasing zebras". One day when I was up in Gainesville, Florida to visit my daughter, I had driven by the Veterinary College there and got an idea to call them to ask for advice. I spoke to a neurologist there who after hearing me describe his symptoms for only a minute that she suspected Milo had a meningioma of his right forebrain. She told me that they could do an MRI to find out and if that he did have a meningioma that they could do a procedure called Stereotactic Cyberknife Brain Surgery to treat it. People also get meningiomas and have them treated this way but it was something new to offer it for treatment in animals. The MRI proved her theory correct and we set him up for the pioneering treatment protocol that had only been used on about 60 animals in the world thus far. He had to go in for a CT scan as well pre treatment to set alignments on the equipment for the Cyberknife surgery. There were no incisions made. The procedure consisted of anesthesia so that Milo would not move during the treatment. The procedure is essentially a series of multiple thin and pointed rays of radiation that aim directly at the center of the tumor so that the radiation does not destroy any good, neighboring brain tissue. Milo was given a timeline of 6 months' to 3 years' extension on his lifespan. He gained 9 more months

short tennis equipment
short tennis equipment
JMK 01300 Shoe Laces Various Colors & Lengths - 8 Pack
Tired of using your best twine for shoelaces? With this 8 Pack of assorted shoelaces you're guaranteed something that will work for every pair shoes you have. You get a pair of 43-5/16" Flat White laces, a pair of 43-5/16" Flat Brown laces, a pair of 35-1/2" Yellow and Brown Mixed laces, a pair of 29-1/2 Brown Flat laces, a pair of 29-1/2" Round Black laces, a pair of 23-5/8" Flat White laces, a pair of 22-5/8 Flat Brown laces and a pair of 23-5/8" Round Black laces. And they're made of high strength nylon, so they'll last much longer than your old twine anyway...

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