Medical Equipment Financing

medical equipment financing
    equipment financing
  • (Equipment Finance) Our expert staff will advise you of the best structure to package your new car loan whether it be as an asset purchase or equipment finance or lease.
  • Finance is the science of funds management. The general areas of finance are business finance, personal finance, and public finance. Finance includes saving money and often includes lending money.
  • Of or relating to the science of medicine, or to the treatment of illness and injuries
  • checkup: a thorough physical examination; includes a variety of tests depending on the age and sex and health of the person
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medical equipment financing - CarveWright N01
CarveWright N01 Woodworking System
CarveWright N01 Woodworking System
This revolutionary compact and powerful CNC woodcarving machine measures only 15" x 18" x 26"! The rising head and feed-through configuration accepts work pieces 14-1/2" wide, 5" high, and with proper support, nearly any desired length. Using the CarveWright woodworking system is as easy as 1-2-3. Design your project on the CarveWright Designer software (included). Choose from images in the CarveWright software library or import images from a source of your choosing. Upload the project to a special memory card and slide the card right into the CarveWright machine - no need to attach your computer to the machine. After inserting the memory card into the CarveWright , the onboard LCD display will guide you, step by step, through your project. CarveWright can be used to perform a variety of functions such as routing, cutting, carving and jointing and has a patented "Quick Change System" that allows the bits to be easily removed and replaced. In fact, CarveWright will automatically choose the correct bit for your job and measure your work piece.The intuitive and easy to use PC or Mac compatible software package contains simple toolbars that allow you to manipulate your design on a 3-dimensional representation of your work piece. Images can be "dragged and dropped" onto the work piece display, allowing you to combine images, add text, size and re-shape, or adjust the carving depth. You can even draw your design using 2D drawing capabilities. The CarveWright Woodworking System comes equipped with everything needed to get started. Includes one carving bit, one cutting bit, two 1/4" bit adapters, vacuum bag, a bit removal tool, a CarveWright 0-45 degrees with programmer, CarveWright design software, users manual and a one year warranty. Note: Available in the continental United States only.

The CarveWright woodcarving system gives power to your imagination.
You've Got Big Ideas. CarveWright Has the Technology to Make Them Happen.
Revolutionize your handicraft experience with the CarveWright computer-controlled carving system. Now you can design and create your own furniture, architectural flourishes, signs, and almost anything else you can imagine -- all with the precision and flair of a professional. Whether you're routing, carving, cutting, or jointing, this exceptional machine can produce original masterpieces right in your very own workshop.
Just Think of it as Desktop Publishing for Wood and Other Soft Materials
The CarveWright woodworking system is as easy as 1-2-3. First, simply design your project with the included CarveWright designer software. Next, upload your project to the memory card, but don't limit yourself; the included card is capable of holding several projects at once. Finally, insert the memory card into the woodcarving machine -- and the easy-to-follow LCD will guide you through the rest.
The Software
Thanks to CarveWright’s intuitive, straightforward software package, you don't need to be a master craftsman to make customized creations. The point-and-click interface is super simple to navigate, but surprisingly powerful. With this software, you can arrange, combine, and even alter elements from the existing 3D image library with the tap of a mouse -- or import your own images into the library for a unique and custom product. Images can then be "dragged and dropped" onto the workpiece display, where it's easy to combine images, add text, change size and re-shape, or adjust the carving depth.
With CarveWright design software, you can contour the surface of your workpiece by trimming it into domes or arcs, or applying a variety of textures. You can even draw out your own design using the integrated 2D drawing capabilities. The 2D elements operate much like CAD software, letting you create and then apply constraints to lines and curves. And if you're interested in making signs, you're in luck -- because this software has extensive text capabilities. Raster text for a bold 3D effect, outline it for emphasis, or quickly carve text with a V-bit for an engraved look. The software uses the true type fonts which are already available on your computer, so unique, one-of-a-kind signs are a snap.
The CarveWright design software is both PC and Mac compatible, and it operates without ever requiring your computer to be hooked up to the CarveWright woodcarving machine. You can click here to see a demonstration of CarveWright software, and watch the system in action.

The woodcarving machine automatically selects the appropriate bit for the task at hand.

Use the machine to create ornate boxes for gifts or display.

Design and craft your own custom furniture to meet your personal tastes and style.

Enhance your home’s value and appeal with exquisite architectural detailing.
The Machine
The CarveWright Woodcarving Machine measures a mere 15 by 18 by 26 inches so it's compact and easy to store, but it's loaded with the power and convenience features of an entire workshop. The rising-head and feed-through configuration accepts workpieces up to 14-1/2 inches wide and 5 inches high -- and with proper support, it will process stock of nearly any desired length.
The onboard computer makes this machine amazingly quick and trouble-free to use. Just load the designs you've saved onto the memory card, and the LCD screen will walk you through the set-up. Now you're ready to create complex carvings, signs, reliefs for mantles and cabinetry, or friezes and furniture. The machine will automatically choose the correct bit for your job and measure your workpiece; and the patented Quick Change System makes removing and replacing the bits perfectly painless.
The machine features a vacuum impeller built-in as well as an external vacuum port that fits a 2-1/4-inch OD hose. This vacuum system maintains airflow through the machine and removes airborne dust that can build up on the sensors, but it is not designed to remove all of the generated chips and dust. Most of the dust generated by the CarveWright remains confined within the machine and will not affect the machine performance. After every project, simply vacuum or treat the area with compressed air.
Like a printer, projects can be configured to run in a draft mode (low quality), normal quality, or best quality depending on the situation. The quality mode dictates the speed of the cut and amount of material removed per pass. On the best quality setting, the spacing between passes is .006-inch.
This advanced machine works well in most soft materials including wood -- even exotic hardwoods. The machine will also cut some foams, and suitable plastics, including polycarbonate or cast acrylic. With this machine, the sky's the limit. If you can dream it up, the CarveWright can bring it to life. Click here to see some fun examples of products from CarveWright workshops around the country.
Key Technical Specs for the CarveWright Woodcarving Machine:

Machine runs only on 60 Hz 110V AC
Minimum workpiece size: 1-1/2-inch wide by 1/2-inch tall by 7 inches long
Maximum workpiece size: 14-1/2 inches wide by 5 inches tall by approximately 12 feet long (limited by weight)
Cut motor horsepower (peak): 1 horsepower
Cut motor speed (no load): 20,000 rpm
Optional Accessories (Not Included with This Purchase)
If you'd like to expand your woodcarving machine's already considerable application set, CarveWright offers a full line of expansion products including bit sets, software upgrades, and The Probe. The Probe opens up the world of 3D scanning to anyone with a CarveWright woodcarving machine. With this amazing device, you can reproduce original pieces, repair antique furniture, and even copy trim and moldings with ease. Almost any material can be scanned -- even soft materials such as clay or wax. Just plug The Probe into the CarveWright, set the desired scan area, and watch the CarveWright go to work.
The CarveWright warranty covers parts and labor for one full year or 200 hours of cutting. The warranty excludes consumable items such as bits, sandpaper drive belts, and flexshafts. The machine tracks cutting time for this purpose. Shipping costs are not covered under the warranty, and the service center is located in Houston, TX. There is a 30-day return period after which no returns are accepted. There is also a restocking fee for returned machines. The warranty does not cover commercial or industrial use.
What's in the box:
The CarveWright Woodworking System comes equipped with everything you need to get started, right out of the box. Included with your purchase is the woodcarving machine, one carving bit, one cutting bit, two 1/4-inch bit adapters, vacuum-bag, a bit removal tool, a CarveWright memory card with programmer, the CarveWright design software, and the user's manual.

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Gross Mortuary's 1966 Pontiac consort ambulance at wreck across the street from the mortuary!
Gross Mortuary's 1966 Pontiac consort ambulance at wreck across the street from the mortuary!
PHOTO BY BILL DEVER, COMMERCIAL POLICE PHOTOGRAPHER, HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS NEW BOOK AVAILABLE ABOUT FUNERAL HOME OPERATED AMBULANCE SERVICE Humble Heroes: setting the record straight about funeral home operated ambulance service "Humble Heroes" is a book that endeavors to set the record straight about funeral home operated ambulance service. Myths and misconceptions are addressed one by one. Twelve chapters address response times, training, equipment, finances as well as a chapter about a funeral home currently operating emergency ambulance service. Nearly 30 black and white period photos by Bill Dever, Dr. Jim Moshinskie and Kent Kirkley of funeral home based ambulances and their crews at work. Softcover, 40 pages, $12. TO ORDER: send a check or money order for $12 payable to Scott Reinbolt at P.O. Box 103, Blanchester, OH. 45107. Please don’t forget to include the address you would like the book shipped to.
British GT, Donington Park 2009: VRS Equipment Finance Ferrari 430
British GT, Donington Park 2009: VRS Equipment Finance Ferrari 430
Adam Wilcox & Phil Burtons VRS Equipment Finance Ferrari 430 through the Craner Curves during Round 11 of the 2009 British GT Championship at Donington Park.

medical equipment financing
medical equipment financing
Financing And Acquiring Park And Recreation Resources (Hardcover Book)
When John Crompton and Dennis Howard co-authored their classic book Financing, Managing and Marketing Recreation and Park Resources in 1979, they put the spotlight on a growing shortfall in park funding and discussed an array of innovative solutions. Twenty years later, continued budget cutbacks and additional service demands have made funding an even greater concern for park and recreation managers.

Now Crompton has put every aspect of park and recreation financing into a comprehensive resource that will help today`s and tomorrow`s managers meet the daily challenge of "doing more with less."

Financing and Acquiring Park and Recreation Resources is not an abstract reference destined to fill space on a shelf, but a comprehensive source book filled with real and workable solutions. It examines the forces behind decreased public spending and presents a wide range of alternative funding methods being used to bridge the gap and pay for new facilities and programs. You`ll find information on everything from the traditional mechanisms of municipal bonds and property taxes to the evolving role of donations, volunteers, sponsorships, foundations, coproduction, and public-private alliances in funding park operations.

There`s more to making ends meet than coming up with the dollars. Cost containment and effective resource management are also important factors. This book covers it all, from basic operating budgets to various ways of out-sourcing services and sharing resources to make every dollar count.

Where others may merely suggest ideas like using volunteers, Crompton spells out the details, from selecting and managing recruits to preparing for their arrival. And where others may briefly allude to possible sources of friction in fund-raising efforts, Crompton gives readers a clear picture of the intangible forces that motivate every funding decision on the private and public level.

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