The Broward County Council of PTAs/PTSAs consists of all local units in Broward County.

s in good standing may participate in county council meetings, programs, and awards/recognition ceremonies. BCCPTA/PTSA also conducts events and programs to engage the entire community.

Our leadership team consists of the Executive Committee (officers and parliamentarian), Executive Board (officers, parliamentarian, standing committee chairs, immediate past president, active past presidents, and specified representatives), Area Zone Representatives, special committee chairs, District/community committee representatives.

For local unit assistance, contact your Area Vice President or the County Council President. For assistance with financial matters (budget, forms, etc), contact the Treasurer. For assistance with IRS compliance and related documentation, please contact the IRS Compliance Chair.
For media inquiries, please contact Media Representative Robert Mayersohn at 754-800-1782 or media@browardptsa.org.

If you are interested in getting involved on council, please email President Wendy King at president@browardptsa.org.

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Executive Committee
 PresidentWendy King
 First Vice President   Robert Mayersohn
 Vice President for LeadershipEarlyn Barton-Oden
 Vice President for OrganizationBelinda Berginz
 Vice President for EducationLamia Lee
 Recording SecretaryDawn Yates
 Corresponding SecretaryRenee Grutman
 TreasurerPhyllis Shaw
 North Area Vice PresidentSharon Paslowski
 Central Area Vice PresidentDaryl G. Blakely
 South Area Vice PresidentStacey Kotzen
 ParliamentarianFelicia Armstrong

The Bylaws and Policies & Procedures committees are chaired by the First Vice President. The Budget Committee is chaired by the Treasurer.

Standing Committee Chairs & Other Executive Board Members
 Awards Chair Daylet Casuso awards@browardptsa.org
 Budget Chair Phyllis Shaw
 Bylaws Chair Robert Mayersohn
 Clothing Bank Chair - Apollo
 Renee Grutman   clothingapollo@browardptsa.org
 Clothing Bank Chair - Lauderdale Manors Dawn Yates clothinglauderdale@browardptsa.org
 Historian                 Daylet Casuso
 Legislation Chair Latha Krishnaiyer legislation@browardptsa.org
 Male Outreach Chair Daryl Blakely
 Membership Chair Burt Miller
 Partnerships and Development Chair Renee Grutman partnerships@browardptsa.org
 Policies & Procedures Chair Robert Mayersohn
 Programs Chair 
 Reflections Chair Daylet Casuso     reflections@browardptsa.org
 Scholarships Chair 
 Social Media Chair Robert Mayersohn
 Student Involvement Chair / Student Representative 
 Immediate Past President
 Maxine Lewers
 Active Past President Bernie Kemp bernie@browardptsa.org
 Active Past President / Urban Network Project Lead Latha Krishnaiyer urban@browardptsa.org
 Active Past President Elinor Adler elinor@browardptsa.org
 Active Past President    
 Linda Nestor    
 ESOL Representative  esol@browardptsa.org
 Guidance Representative  guidance@browardptsa.org
 Special Needs Representative    
 Robert Mayersohn    
 Teacher Representative

 Administrative Representative

The Executive Board consists of the officers, parliamentarian (non-voting), standing committee chairs, the immediate past president, active past presidents, and specified representatives.

Special Committee Chairs
 Banquet Chair Belinda Berginz banquet@browardptsa.org
 Broward Leadership Training (BLT) Chair Lamia Lee
 Cultural Arts/Reflections Chair Daylet Casuso reflections@browardptsa.org
 IRS Compliance Chair  irscompliance@browardptsa.org
 LGBTQ Committee Chair
 New Officers' Workshop (NOW) Chair Lamia Lee
 "Pat on the Back" Awards -Chair              
 Phyllis Shaw    

Coordinators & Consultants
 Executive Assistant to the President  executiveassistant@browardptsa.org
 Consultants to the President
Carolyn Nelson-Goedert
 School District LiaisonNadia J. Clarke
 Male Outreach-Committee  Member

Area Zone Representatives (AZRs) & District/Community Committee Representatives
 Parent Involvement Task Force Representative Esther Mizell esther@browardptsa.org
 Technology Advisory Committee Representative Carol Saponaro carol@browardptsa.org
 Central Area Zone Representative
 Burt Miller
 North Area Zone Representative
 South Area Zone Representative
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