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(Southeast Middle Atlantic Region)

 States in SEMA Region are:

Alabama, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia


June 2010

Dear SEMA County Coordinators:

My name is Denise Wells and I would like to continue to serve as your SEMA County Coordinator representative. You should know a little about me before you vote.

Currently, in the SEMA Region, I am the county coordinator for Hudson and Bergen, New Jersey, Hancock County, Mississippi; and Broward County, Florida; as well as Co-CC for Miami-Dade, Florida. I also manage numerous message boards and mail lists.

You may also know that I am a State Coordinator in New Jersey and have been the SC there for about 2 years now.  Some may say that an SC cannot properly represent the CCs in a region.  I have to tell you that the reason I originally threw my hat into the ring for the SEMA CC Representative was to protect my County Coordinators in New Jersey, as well as the County Coordinators throughout the SEMA Region, as well as the rest of the USGenWeb Project.  Why?  Because without the coordinators, there really isn't a project.  You are our life blood and are the glue that keeps this large project together.  Sure, many SCs man numerous counties, but we cannot by any means do it all!  I am first and foremost a county coordinator.  Since being on the AB, there are many times when I cannot do the things that I would really rather do - type bios, add materials, go to the library and research.  Often being on the AB can take a lot of time, but in the end, when I help make a difference for a county coordinator who lost or is in jeopardy of losing their county because of some issue that cannot be resolved, I like knowing that I have stood and fought the good fight for that coordinator.  In this past term, I have been present to assist in 3 situations that involved coordinators.  Each of those was resolved successfully.  Was everyone happy?  No, I can't say that everyone was happy, but we definitely were able to assist the county coordinators. 

If you need someone to stand toe-to-toe with a State Coordinator who has inappropriately divested a county coordinator of their county or counties, I'm the one.  As long as you allow me to remain in this position, you can count on me to stand up for your rights.  I may make some people upset or angry, but I will be there for you. 

I am in the process of revising all of my sites to Google sites and do not have them all transferred yet.  I am including the links here so you can see the work that I am in the process of doing for those sites.  Other than Miami-Dade, I have full control of the following sites as they are moved.  Hang in there, as Advisory Board business has curtailed my time to work on my sites as much as I would prefer.  However, the following sites are all in process as follows and more are coming:

Duval County, FL

Hudson County, NJ

Bergen County, NJ

Hancock County, MS

Denver County, CO

I have served the past two years as your SEMA County Coordinator and believe tremendously in the future of USGenWeb.  In the past, I have also served on the Election Committee, the By-Laws Committee, and threw my name into the hat for the Representative at Large position with the USGenWeb Advisory Board some time ago, as well as worked with the USGenWeb Newsletter.

I began my volunteer service with the USGenWeb Newsletter in December 2005 as Assistant Editor. With the resignation of Sharon Rhodes as Editor, I was then chosen by our staff and approved unanimously by the Advisory Board to serve as Editor of the Newsletter in April 2006. I served our Project Newsletter as the longest running Managing Editor, bringing together some amazing volunteers to produce the most consistently published time period for the Newsletter. It was a labor of love for me during my entire tenure in that position.

In my real personal life I am a 58 year old single Mom with two children and two beautiful black Labrador retrievers. I currently live in Boca Raton, FL, having moved almost 9 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana. My move to Florida was my own gift to myself for my 50th birthday present.

The majority of my work life has been in the legal field, working as a contract paralegal since 1987, as well as holding a real estate license in Indiana and now in Florida. I am the Senior Paralegal and Director of Quality Control for Vigilant Legal Solutions, a firm dedicated to assisting attorneys in aiding individuals who are dramatically impacted by the current economy and helping our debtor clients  move as smoothly a possible through the bankruptcy process to return them to an improved financial health and wellbeing.

Since moving to Boca Raton, I have enjoyed working with a rock musician and entertainer. It has been a fun and exciting time working with Dion (remember the songs "Runaround Sue," "Teenager in Love," "Donna the Prima Dona," "Abraham, Martin & John," and many other hits); but my passion has always been genealogy. No matter what else changes in my life, genealogy is consistently present since my discovery of this exciting hobby.

While living in Indiana, I was a member of the Genealogical Society of Marion County, participating as the Education Director for some time and working on several cemetery reading publications. When I moved to Florida, I was the key person to begin the conversation and mail list for creating and bringing to fruition the Florida Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and then filled the position of Vice President the first year of the Chapter's existence.

My commitment to learning more about my Italian family led me to participate in the WorldGenWeb and I began creating a web site for the little village where my Italian family originated, Senerchia. In that endeavor I created a mail list for anyone researching their ancestors from this small village in the Province of Campania and that mail list now has 175+ members from all over the world locating information and helping each other. Each of them has several family members from this village. Many have made trips to the village of Senerchia, Italy now, several have met and travelled together, and many more are making connections with second and third cousins. One family is now travelling from Texas to Chicago to meet family they haven't seen nor knew of prior to joining the mail list.

If you choose to allow me to serve as your SEMA Region County Coordinator Representative, I will endeavor to work to:

1. Listen to your needs, wants and concerns and be open to different points of view;

2. Keep you informed of any and all information that is not confidential;

3. Do my utmost to communicate with you and respond to your email in a reasonable period of time;

4. Work to foster and improve relationships with all coordinators;

5. Communicate with you in an open and honest manner;

6. To review all facts of an issue with an unbiased opinion;

7. Assist you in any manner within my means or control as your county representative;

8. Continue to enhance and participate in the growth and success of USGenWeb and all of its projects, with a special emphasis on counties in the SEMA Region;

9. Fight the tough fight for all coordinators when you have been wronged;
10. Operate in a courteous and professional manner; and most of all...

11. Stand up for, defend and fight tooth and nail to protect your rights as a volunteer coordinator for USGenWeb.

If you have questions you would like to ask me, please feel free to contact me using the link below.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you.


Denise Wells