Hip-Hop's Stake in Politics

     Hip-hop is not only a legitimate art form, but also serves as a venue for political and social dialogue.   Despite the material and criminalistic elements of  this particular genre that tend to reinforce and perpetuate all of the negative "isms" within society, hip-hop also contains many political and social elements.  

Yes, highly commercialized hip-hop is seemingly preoccupied with exorbitant consumption, materialism and criminal activity, but hip-hop also offers a space for people to creatively express their political and social views.  It serves as a venue for people, who don't necessarily have a voice in the political world, to address political and social injustices and inequities.  And consequently, politicized hip-hop can reach individuals who are generally apolitical, and incite political interest and action in apolitical individuals.  This in turn means that politicized hip-hop has the ability to promote social and political awareness among a broadened demographic, expose often suppressed perspectives, as well as serve as a catalyst for change.