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If you have general questions about ALS please see the facts page below or go to the ALS Society of Canada's website (www.als.ca):



Different Ways to Donate

 Is there another way to donate then by using a credit card on the ALS website?

Yes, the quickest and easiest way to do so is to mail a cheque to the ALS Society directly. Please ensure that on the cheque's memo line you include "Brothers Bike 4 ALS" and it will be directed to our fundraising effort. The ALS Society's mailing address is:

ALS Society of Canada
C/O Brothers Bike 4 ALS
265 Yorkland Boulevard, Suite 300
Toronto, ON    M2J 1S5

Is it possible to sponsor the costs of the bike tour itself?

Yes, while you would not receive a tax receipt for this type of contribution it would definitely be welcomed. With the three brothers being newly married and recently graduated any assistance with trip expenses would be appreciated. Ways to do so:

1) Purchase a gift card for either gas, groceries or other that can be used at stores across Canada.

2) Send a cheque to be used for general costs associated with the bike tour. The check can be made out to any one of the brothers or our Mother.

If you do not have our personal addresses feel free to be in touch using the following email address and we will send you an address brothersbike4als@gmail.com.

What will the money raised by Brothers Bike for ALS go towards?

In working with the ALS Society of Canada the brothers have decided to distribute the funds raised so that 60% will go towards families living with ALS within your given province and 40% will go towards national research done by the ALS Society of Canada.