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Celebrating Our Father's Life!


Thank You!

For partnering with us by donating towards the ALS Society on behalf of the BBA Team! Your contribution will help bring us that much closer to our fundraising goal and more importantly it represents encouragement to not only those of us pedaling across the country but to those living with ALS today!

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{If you would like to donate by cheque or help out with the expenses for the bike tour itself you can find information at FAQs.}

**A tax receipt will be issued following your donation.

The Donation by Distance Challenge

If you like a challenge and are prepared to donate here's a great way to know what to give. You decide the challenge level whether provincially or nationally!

National Challenge Giving
(based on travelling 6,000 km)

1 penny per km = $60
5 cents per km = $300
10 cents per km = $600
25 cents per km = $1,500

Provincial Challenge Giving
(avg km distance per province)

5 cents per km = $38
10 cents per km = $75
25 cents per km = $188