Information Sheet

Please take some time to answer the following questions so we can learn more about you.  We are available to help, and encourage you to ask any questions that you may have.  Assistance will also be provided during your interview.  Please do not feel any pressure and realize that there is no one right answer.  In addition to this information sheet, please provide two written letters of recommendation from two people who know you well.


1.  Based on the description of the Brotherhood of St. Joseph (BSJ) and what you have been told, why do you want to join?


2.  What role(s) have you performed in ministry?  What are your plans for future ministry?


3.  What do you plan on contributing to the BSJ?



4.  What do you find significant regarding the "Three Streams" found within the Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC)?



5.  What do you find most significant about:




















spiritual/cultural warfare












rejecting passivity



accepting responsibility



leading with courage



staying with it



seeking an eternal reward



6.  Based on the description of the BSJ and what you have been told, is there anything specific you would like to discuss?