Bishop Craig recently received a vision for men within our church and the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church  (ICCEC).  God has revealed a critical need.  Men need other men to be successful in their Christian walk, and fulfill God's plan and purpose for their lives


Many men, both in and out of the church, are beginning to understand the importance of having relationships with other men.   They want to join a cause and fight for something they believe in.  We see this when men join various groups and organizations, including the Knights of Columbus and even the local fire department.  We, too, have a cause worth fighting for and can change our culture in a single generation!


Serving our Bishop and Clergy, building men of God and strong Christian families, defending the Pre-born, and helping those in need are the primary causes of the Brotherhood of Saint Joseph.  As the patron Saint of families and the working people, Saint Joseph serves as our model.

Bishop Craig has noticed men within our church who want raise their level of commitment.  The Brotherhood of Saint Joseph gives men this opportunity to commit themselves to the cause of Christ, and to gain victory in spiritual warfare.