Welcome to my Ceramics Website

In the following pages I hope to share with you some of the pleasure I derive from the art and craft of pottery.

"It is better that many should know a good thing than that few should keep it hidden”

                                                                                                        (Cipriano Piccolpassi 1556-59)

I have been fascinated by clay and glazes for over 20 years and draw my inspiration from Japanese and Chinese stoneware, particularly Song Dynasty Ru, Jun and Guan wares. My favourite Japanese styles are Hagi, Kyo and Mashiko yaki although I continue to admire and seek out fine pieces in the other Japanese “schools”.                     

In terms of my own work, currently I am influenced by the Italian Majolica tradition and have been experimenting with coloured slips and Cone 02 Tin glaze for over a year while continuing to develop my stoneware range. I use a traditional kick-wheel, then alter, decorate, glaze and fire my pots in an electric kiln. Examples of the full range of my work both decorative and functional are included in the following Gallery pages.

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