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     Begin with about one pound of #1 hurl broomcorn.  This can be purchased at your broom supply house or cut to length from   raw corn. I like to use 18" corn.

     Next, divide the corn into 9 bundles . Bundles 1 to 6 should be about the same size with 7,8 and 9 getting progressively larger.

     I lay my corn with bundles at 90 degree angles at good reach on my work bench.

     I use a birch handle about 18' lonf and about 1 1/4 inch diameter. This handle is wedge cut on one end with my table saw and rounded on the other end with a hanging hole bored about 1" down.

      The corn is wrapped onto the handle using a starter nail and 18 guage broom wire. Each bundle of corn is wrapped with wire twice with the second strand being gapped 1/4" before the next bundle is added. After the last bundle has been added tie off with a nail.

     Finally, finish the sock (cover the wire) with sharpened broom stalks referred to as the crown finish. Here is a picture.