League Age & Weight Classes

Metro Jr Wrestling League Weight Classes 2015- 2016 Season

Cut Off Date:

Wrestler’s age on January 1, 2017 determines the age group the wrestler will participate in all season.

Time Periods:

6's and 8's: Three, sixty second periods

10's, 12's and 14's: Three, 90 second periods

Wrestlers MUST weigh-in wearing a singlet!

Weight Classes:

6 & Under - Wrestlers born in 2009 or later

34,38,42,46,50,54,58,62,66,76,87 MAX

8 & Under - Wrestlers born in 2007 or 2008

43,48,53,58,63,68,73,78,86,94,112,130 MAX

10 & Under - Wrestlers born in 2005 or 2006

50,56,62,68,74,80,86,92,98,104,110,122,134,157,184 MAX

12 & Under - Wrestlers born in 2003 or 2004

62,69,76,83,90,97,104,111,118,125,139,153,167,197 MAX

14 & Under - Wrestlers born in 2001 or 2002

77,84,91,98,105,112,119,125,130,135,140,145,152,160,171,189,215,256 MAX

*The approximate maximum percentage weight difference per age group in the heavy weight classes are as follows:

15% at 6 & under. 16% at 8 & under. 17% at 10 & under. 18% at 12 & under

19% at 14 & under.

Pikes Peak Wrestling League


We list all entrants in each group by weight, lightest to heaviest. Then using a few principles we start to look at the club of each wrestler.

1. First we try to establish 6 man brackets with 5lb or less top to bottom. 4 and under, 6 and under, and 8 and under will be put in four man brackets (each one awarded a medal). We will attempt to fill these as full as possible with available kids and with a safe weight in mind. Coaches with kids who have no matches need to be called Friday night to let the parents know.

2. Then we try to move members of the same club to different brackets if possible. This is normally not a problem except at the extreme weights of an age group.

3. After splitting club members, we will try to also move young men who have likely wrestled each other often during the season to separate brackets. Part of the attraction of Pikes Peak Wrestling League is to wrestle new competition as much as to win. The real goal is to prepare each wrestler for his future high school career.

4. On the roster each coach turns in, we’d like an A noted next to the wrestlers name, if they are well above the average, have won the Dan Gable challenge ever, placed top 6 in the Allstate tournament in any prior year, or wrestle at National tournaments, such as Tulsa, Reno etc. Any wrestler that is not new, or falling into the prior criteria, please mark with a B (normally second or third year wrestlers). All new wrestlers should be annotated by a C on the sheet. If you have a second year wrestler you consider behind the curve, please put a C for them as well. Or a tough new wrestler mark as a B.

5. We will attempt to put your C wrestlers in a bracket with all other C wrestlers. A and B wrestlers will be placed in a bracket unless there is a grouping of A wrestlers close enough to be pulled out and placed in one bracket together.

At the same time some youth coaches feel if you have a C wrestler up against an A wrestler that would benefit him/her the most. It actually doesn’t do them any good...don’t do that to your new kids!

Once finalized, all brackets are prepared and printed by Friday night by the PPWL.