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has been transforming environments since 1964!
Residential & Commercial

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Custom Furniture (Living Room, Great Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Office, Theater Room, Corporations and Hospitals), Plantation ShuttersRe-UpholsteryDraperyPainting, MuralsWallpaperCarpetHard Surface & Accessories!

We will design and transform any room that reflects "your" authentic expression.
I invite you to experience our warm and inviting culture that is guaranteed to turn any flat atmosphere into a colorful 3-D vision(No special glasses required)   (661) 324-4734

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I'm Bert Brooks, I.I.D.A. 
(661) 324-4734
I know that it's hard to believe I've been in business fifty years 
when I'm only thirty-nine years old...

Actually, I've been blessed with feeling young because of our philosophy,
Brooks Brothers Interiors 
is committed to creating beautiful and exquisite environments 
where "you" love to dwell.

Bert Brooks, Greg, Tamara and Benji

Our Majestic Lions
are in front to greet you! Along with warm and friendly Interior Designers!
Come visit Brooks Brothers Interiors!
2821 Brundage Lane
Bakersfield, California 93304
(661) 324-4734

The 50 Year Legacy Continues...

Greg and Tamara Montana merged with Brooks Brothers Interiors, a family owned Interior Design Studio in Bakersfield, California for nearly 50 years! Growing up, Tamara witnessed her father, Bert Brooks (owner of Brooks Brothers Interiors), turn empty or disjointed rooms into gorgeous, masterpieces of art through Interior Design. She inherited her father's genes of decorating exquisite spaces where people love to dwell. The joy of creating warm and inviting environments, woven within each client's unique and authentic expression, has always been in her blood and a source of joy. Tamara is also a licensed psychotherapist who has taken several Interior Design courses in creating balance, harmony and prosperity in environments. She has extensively studied Feng Shui abroad and in the US while attending and facilitating several workshops that combine Feng Shui and Interior Design.  

After two years of extreme home/office make-over's abroad, Greg and Tamara felt called to move home to Bakersfield. They enjoyed manifesting environments that facilitate meaningful experiences internally and externally. There was a familiar peace in their hearts as they humbly took positions in honoring Brooks Brothers Interiors legacy. Together they have embraced the privilege of closely working with their father "Bert Brooks" (who triumphantly overcame throat cancer in January 2011 and continues to dance and speak beautifully with an electronic device). 

Greg has a degree in engineering and maintains Brooks Brothers Interiors function, (moving furniture; hanging pictures; installing solar panels and building a new design center and website at Brooks Brothers Interiors). Tamara is all about the form/aesthetics and learning from her father "Bert Brooks" re-decorating spaces with timeless and custom furniture; quality upholstery; plantation shutters; elegant drapery; wall murals/wallpaper/faux painting and floor covering; collaborating with new clients and preparing pictorial commercial proposals; filling the website with colorful pictures of previous jobs and high-end vendors Brooks Brothers Interiors provides their loyal customers. Together they are preparing a second home for experienced Interior Designers to join them in a fun filled creative showroom. 

It has been a blessing to continue the family business, and serve the wonderful and expansive community of Bakersfield. 

Stop by and see their new showroom! And don't forget to take a look at their historic legacy hallway and design center at 2821 Brundage Lane, Bakersfield, CA 93304      (661) 324-4734

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