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Our Final Blog from Shortenills - Friday, 26th October

posted 26 Oct 2012, 04:22 by Mrs Avery   [ updated 26 Oct 2012, 04:23 ]

Many slept until 7.45 this morning. We had our breakfast and then got packing.....I believe this was the biggest challenge of the whole week, particularly for the boys! We have a big bag of unclaimed items so please do not panic if you feel something is missing from your child's luggage!
This morning we have revisited the mammal traps we set last night and we were really pleased to find two wood mice and a bank vole. We have enjoyed sketching them before setting them free in the grounds again. We have also completed our diaries.
We will shortly be having a fish and chip lunch before a planned 2.15pm departure. Your children's medicines will be in their ruck sacks as we will give them out on the bus on the way back to school.  We will also be giving out letters to the thirteen children who will be in the early Forest School Group which starts at 8.30am the first Thursday after half term. If your child is in this group, the letter will be in the ruck sack.
We have all had an amazing week and are returning to our families with increased confidence, independence and tollerance. We have all taken on responsibilities and had experiences that had previously not been options for us and we are all proud of our achievements. We are also very tired!
A big thank you to all the staff who have so willingly supported the trip - Mrs. Day, Mrs. Gomm, Mrs. Nicholson, Mrs Sibley and Mrs Nicholls. A special thank you goes to Miss Douglas who has returned to Shortenills each evening after a busy day at school to ensure we have the right number of resident staff. Finally, that just leaves me to wish you a very happy and restful half term with your children who we know really are the best!
Jessica Avery

Thursday evening

posted 25 Oct 2012, 13:26 by Mrs Avery

It is now 9pm and everyone is in bed; some are even asleep...!
The children thoroughly enjoyed finding as many different colours as they could from leaves, twigs, grasses and pieces of bark - it is amazing how many different shades can be found - I am sure they will be pleased to share the fun of the activity with you next time you are on a family walk.  Another activity they are very keen to share with you is the 'sky walk'.  The children walk in a crocodile with one hand on the shoulder of the person in front. In the other hand they have a mirror to reflect what is above them. The crocodile then winds through the open meadow, the woodland and into quite dense tree areas capturing the most beautiful sky views that you could imagine. Additionally, the reflections make you feel slightly disorientated as you see what is above you rather than what is in front of you. Try it some time!
All of the children have achieved a great deal this week. We asked them tonight how they think they have changed since they have been away and what they have learnt.  We will share a lot of this in our forthcoming Year Group Assembly on Friday, 16th November but here is a taster:
  • I have learnt that I should only take food I can eat as I can always go back for more if I need it.
  • I feel confident about being away from home.
  • Tomatoes aren't as bad as I thought they were.
  • I can now make my bed on my own and I will be able to make my Mum's bed too.
  • I know I have to think about other people as well as myself.
Tomorrow morning we will be looking at the mammal traps that we set this evening. The children are all excited about what they might have caught - let's hope we've been successful!
More tomorrow but for now, from a very exhausted but happy team of adults and children, goodnight everyone!

Shortenills - Thursday, 25th October

posted 25 Oct 2012, 01:55 by Mrs Avery

Good morning!
Both boys and girls were asleep by 9.30pm last night, (with only a few boys needing some reminders about dormitory rules once we are in bed), and this morning everyone slept until 7.30am which was most pleasing. We have had our breakfast, made out beds and tidied our dirty clothes away and are now just about to head out into the grounds to enjoy a day setting mammal traps, filling palettes with the colours of nature, going on a 'mirror walk' and much, much more! Rhys was poorly yesterday morning so he went home, but we are so pleased that he has just arrived back to enjoy the rest of our stay here.
We'll let you know how we get on later! Enjoy your day!

Shortenills - Wednesday, 24th October

posted 24 Oct 2012, 11:31 by Mrs Avery

We woke up at about 7 o'clock, and again had cereal and lots of toast for breakfast. 
Once again, we have had a great day! Mrs Avery had to go to London quite early so we have shared the day's activities with Miss Douglas who has spent the whole day with us. In our habitat work, we had to find evidence of shelter, rotting and recycling as well as food and munching, both in the meadow and in the woodland areas. We have also been pond dipping and after we had filled our buckets with creatures, we had to identify what we had caught as well as the different food chains within the pond. Finally, we put all the creatures back.
We have all had a chance to buy a selection of items from the Shortenills Shop today which we were very excited about.
Tonight we have enjoyed a yummy dinner of meat balls, pasta and angel delight and are now writing our diaries and doing some drawing before we get ready for bed.  We are unable to post any of today's photos as the blog is rather full and won't allow Miss Douglas or Mrs Avery to upload any more pictures; we will keep them safe to share with you at another time.
The week is going very fast and we can't believe we only have one more full day.  A lot of us now understand the challenges of sleeping in a dormitory and are going to demonstrate that when we get into bed tonight. So here's to a good night sleep for all!

and finally for Tuesday ......

posted 23 Oct 2012, 13:48 by Mrs Avery

Environmental Art this afternoon was brilliant. We're attaching some pictures of our successes for you to enjoy.  We love Mrs Sibley's sketch of a fox!   After a delicious dinner of sausage and mash followed by chocolate pudding and custard, we all showered and fell into bed. We are very tired and Mrs Avery is expecting us to go straight to sleep - however, it's nearly 10pm and some of us are finding it a little challenging to manage ourselves in such an exciting environment! Good night everyone .... more adventures to report tomorrow after we've tried pond dipping and taken part in a habitat investigation.

Tuesday's Midday Update

posted 23 Oct 2012, 04:43 by Mrs Avery

Team building was great! We really have had a lovely morning! As we walked through the meadow, we spotted something that looked as though it was straight from a fairy story. Mr Sherren told us that it's a Fly Agaric and it lives for about a month. Enjoy the pictures of our morning!

Shortenills - Tuesday, 23rd October

posted 23 Oct 2012, 01:22 by Mrs Avery   [ updated 23 Oct 2012, 01:59 ]

It was nearly 11.30pm before everyone was finally asleep last night and we were awake by 6.30 this morning – dormitory style sleeping is very exciting, although the teachers aren’t quite as convinced! We have just had a yummy breakfast of cereal and LOADS of toast and we will keep you updated about our day as it progresses. It is set  to be great fun with team building games and some environmental art. Pictures will follow later! Have a good day!

Shortenills - Monday, 22nd October

posted 23 Oct 2012, 01:14 by Mrs Avery

We arrived safely at 10 am and after putting our luggage in our dormitories, took part in a map reading activity to enable us to find our way around the extensive grounds. This then enabled us, following a scrumptious sandwich lunch, to enjoy a fun orienteering game where we had to use our newly acquired knowledge of the grounds, as well as  maps, to find a range of pictures of wild life hidden all round the meadow and woodland. We used up lots of energy running around trying to solve as many of the tasks as we could.

At about 4 o’clock we went into the dormitories to make our beds and unpack all our clothes. That was quite a challenge!

After a supper of pizza, potato wedges and salad followed by butterscotch tart, we wrote our diaries and then got ready for bed before enjoying part of a DVD and a drink and snack, kindly made by Freddie. Soon after 9pm we collapsed into bed! Good night everyone!

It's only three sleeps now!

posted 19 Oct 2012, 09:50 by Mrs Avery   [ updated 19 Oct 2012, 10:06 ]

This week we have really enjoyed all of our lessons.  Our favourite lessons were Egyptian Dancing, hockey and science.  In science we were testing for a waterproof material suitable for making Ted a raincoat for Shortenills. It was funny because Ted's back got wet.
Today in PE we practised our hockey skills by playing a fun game. We are improving our hockey skills a lot. Our Egyptian Dance is improving loads. We are having lots of fun.
We are having a fantastic time learning about the Egyptians. We wrote a diary this week imagining we were a child living near the Nile.
We are all looking forward to Shortenills.
Laurie Egan-Carter (JA) and Emily Eagling (KD)
It was good to see you all at our Review Meetings this week and share with you the good progress the children are making. Thank you for your continued support.
Noah and James Q came up with two wonderful mnemonics this week for words many of the children often have difficulty spelling:
FRIEND:    F ood      ocks     I  cecream     E  xcites     N   uts     D  elight
PEOPLE:    P eter   ats   O ranges    P  aul   L  ikes    verything
Let's hope they help!
See you at 9 am Monday morning!
Jessica Avery and Katy Day

Ten more sleeps until Shortenills!

posted 12 Oct 2012, 09:45 by Mrs Avery

We are all very excited about our forthcoming trip - we have reminded the children that they need to be practising putting a sheet on a mattress and a cover on a duvet! Try this weekend if you are not yet an expert!
This week's news was written by the children in Guided Writing:
We all finished our story boxes. They were amazing and Mrs Avery and Mrs Day are very pleased with the stories we wrote. We were allowed  to mark them ourselves with highlighters too! 
We have finished our 'ing' investigations. Sam W was the word champ finding loads of exceptions to the four rules.
This week we have been making up mnemonics which is great fun.  Mrs Avery and Mrs Day find it hard to remember how to spell broccoli so they made up a mnemonic to help them.
B ig    ipe    O rangey    C arrots    C ry    O ut      L oudly     I ndeed  !
We are going to have fun sharing ours on Monday.
We most certainly are!  We will also be sharing the wonderful Learning Logs that came in today. Happy Friday!
Jessica Avery and Katy Day

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