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Wishes & More creates extraordinary experiences for wish children: The goal of this children’s charity is simple: to grant wishes to children with terminal and life-threatening illnesses and provide hopeful hearts, happy memories and assistance to those who love them.

MM Women of Today have a priority project area; every 3 years the the MN Women of Today pair with another organization in an effort to raise local awareness and support that organization.

Past Priority Projects

2015-2018 Breaking Free

2012-2015 Issac's Journey

2009-2012 Can Do Canines

2006-2009 Jacob Wetterling Foundation

2003-2006 Girl Scouts

2000-2003 Domestic Violence Prevention

1997-2000 Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

That's as far back as this member can trace.

2018-2019 Buckets of Sunshine

Affiliated with the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, HMBANA, which establishes guidelines for donor milk practices. Their mission is to improve infant health outcomes by ensuring that medically vulnerable babies —in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest—have access to safely pasteurized life-giving human donor milk when mother’s milk is unavailable or in low supply.

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