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When I decided to take myself serious I wanted someone to work with me that would take me serious. I didn't find that. Every publishing company I went to brushed me off without even reviewing my work. Most publishing companies won't accept unsolicited manuscripts. I will take you serious. I don't care what genre: Horror, science fiction, fantasy, urban gritty street tales, poetry.., I will work with you if I can. And for a reasonable, affordable price.  

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I wrote my first book about ten years ago. I have thus far completed eight books, and I've  self-published four. I created Ethereal Publishing because I wanted to cultivate my own work, and give other writers the chance to see their work in print. I've developed a skill for producing quality work. I edit, proof read, file for YOUR copyrights, design YOUR book cover, format YOUR manuscript for both paperback and kindle e-book, and set you up with major distribution channels as part of my promotional package, I have a professional team that will work diligently to perfect the finished work for your approval.

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