About Us

Brooklyn Crescents Lacrosse Club

The Brooklyn Crescents Lacrosse Club is open to boys and girls grades K - 8.

  • 7/8 Boys Team
  • 7/8 Girls Team
  • 5/6 Boys Team
  • 5/6 Girls Team
  • 3/4 Boys & Girls (some 3/4th graders may play w/ 5/6th depending on skill)
  • K-2 Boys & Girls

Fall Season:  September - November                                                                                                  Practices and Intra-Squad Tournament

Spring Season: March - June                                                                                                       Approximately 7 games in the NY, NJ, CT area!                                                                                              One overnight team trip!


Founders/Head Coaches' Bios

L'Quentus Thomas, a native Brooklynite, is a co-founder of the Brooklyn Crescents and has nearly 20 years of playing and coaching experience in the sport of lacrosse. In 2006 he was an assistant coach for the US Lacrosse U-15 B.R.I.D.G.E select team, which competed at the National Youth Festival in Orlando, FL. L'Quentus is a Graduate of the Trinity School (NYC) and Amherst College (MA), where he played Division 3 lacrosse for four years.  He currently works for Stonehenge Capital.

Dan Sheff, originally from Maplewood, NJ, is a co-founder of the Brooklyn Crescents. He graduated from Mount Saint Mary's College, where he played Division 1 lacrosse for 4 years as a defenseman.  Since college, Dan has continued to actively play lacrosse, founding the Brooklyn Men’s Lacrosse Club.  Dan works for HSBC Private Bank.


Jessica Lerman, a co-founder of the Brooklyn Crescents, has been playing and coaching lacrosse for 15 years.  Originally from Penn Yan, NY, where her lacrosse team won the NY State high school championship, Jessica attended the University of Rochester, where she also played four years of Division 3 lacrosse, earning Regional All-American honors as at attack player.  Jessica works for City Parks Foundation.


Susan Murray, one of the founding members and has coached with the Brooklyn Crescents Lacrosse Club since the inaugural season. She has over eight years of coaching experience. Susan is originally from Newton, Massachusetts.  She attended the University of Rochester where she was a captain of the lacrosse team and a four year varsity athlete.  Susan currently works as a fundraiser and will complete her master's degree at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs in May 2009.


Pat Drennan, originially from Jersey City, has been playing and coaching lacrosse for 28 yars. He graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology, where he was a four year varsity athlete and captain of the lacrosse team.  Pat played in the USILA North-South All Star game. Post college, he continued to play lacrosse with various club teams incuding the Philadelphia and Marin Lacrosse Clubs, and he also started the high school program at St. Peter's Prep.  Pat is also a certified hockey coach and has been coaching youth baseball and soccer since 2000. Professionally, Pat is an Information Technology Consultant.


Wes Jackson


Kassim Howell


Founded in 2006, the Brooklyn Crescents Lacrosse Club aims to spread the game of lacrosse to youth in the Brooklyn community. The founders and coaches are all ex-collegiate lacrosse players who share a love of the sport and a desire to give Brooklyn kids the opportunity to play America's fastest growing game.

 The Crescents name is derived from the former Crescent Althletic Club of Brooklyn, formed as a football club in 1884 but reorganized as an athletic club two years later. A lacrosse team was formed in 1893. The Crescents were a premiere and dominating lacrosse team for over 40 years. The club played all of the leading college and club teams and was rarely beaten. The Crescents Athletic Club of Brooklyn played an important part in spurring the growth of lacrosse in the US.


What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a native-American game that requires speed, agility, teamwork, and endurance.  It combines the fast-paced action of basketball, excitement of ice hockey, and field-sense of soccer to create a unique game for players and spectators alike.  Anyone can play lacrosse, regardless of size or stature.  The game requires and rewards coordination and agility, not brawn. Quickness and speed are two highly prized qualities in this exhilarating game.  Sprints up and down the field with abrupt starts and stops, precision passes and dodges are routine in men's and women's lacrosse. Lacrosse is played with a stick, the crosse, which must be mastered by the player to throw, catch and scoop the ball.  < XML="true" PREFIX="O" NAMESPACE="">

Lacrosse varies from other sports in that the rules of the game are very different for men and women.  Men’s lacrosse is a contact sport and the men wear full protective equipment including helmets, shoulder pads, arm pads, and gloves.  There is no contact in the women’s game, and women’s style of play remains truer to the original native-American game. 

There are 10 players on a men’s lacrosse team, including 3 attack, 4 defense, and 3 midfield players.  Goals are placed 80 yards apart on a field with clearly defined boundaries.  Game times vary depending upon level of play (collegiate, high school, or youth), but games are always played in 4 quarters.

Women compete with 12 players on a team, including 3 attack players, 3 defenders, 5 midfielders, and a goalie.  Goals are placed a minimum of 100 yards apart and boundaries are determined by the natural restrictions of the field.  There are visual guidelines on the side of the field that are in place to provide a consistent indicator to the officials of what is considered the playing field.  Similar to men’s lacrosse, game times vary depending upon level of play, but games are played in halves versus quarters.  

There are many other differences between men’s and women’s lacrosse; both games should be respected and the integrity of each upheld so that the wonderful distinctions between the two games can be honored.