Brooklyn, Ohio Community Cares Holiday Wishes


Welcome to the  Brooklyn, Ohio Community Cares Holiday Wishes Website.  Below you will find a list of the families in need this holiday season.  Each family is designated by a number, and you will see how many children, their ages, and if there are food needs.  Click on a family if you would like to see details about their needs.  If a family is designated in red, with a line through it, that family has already been taken.  To request a family, please send an email to Suzy Marquis at  Please include the number of the family you would like to request.

Thank you for all of your generosity!

Families in Need : 60

Families Helped : 60

Families Remaining : 0

Children Helped : 149

Family 47 - 4 Children

Family 52 2 children

Family 53  3 children

Family 54 2 children

Family 55 3 children

Family 56 3 children

Family 57 4 children

Family 58 3 children

Family 59 3 children

Family 60 1 child