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New Members:
New members pay the full amount of membership until July 15. On July 15, new members (households who have not been members in the past), pay a pro-rated fee of 60% of the full membership amount for the current season.  Note - new members who join prior to May 1 will receive the same $50 discount as returning members, but will need to also pay the new membership fee.  

 Membership Class  Payment Before July 15  Payment July 15 or later
 Family  $540 + $50 new membership fee  $324 + $50 new membership fee

Current Members:
Current members who pay before May 1 receive a discount. Postmarks for checks need to be before May 1 to receive the discounted rate. Note: If you held a Couple or Individual Membership in the prior year, please contact the membership director at, for payment instructions.

 Membership Class  Payment Before May 1  Payment May 1 or later
 Family  $490  $540

Early Payment Bonus:
Members (including new members) who pay online or have their dues postmarked by March 31 will receive 10 guest passes.

Referral Bonus:
Current members who refer new members will receive 10 free guest passes for the season.  Note:  New member must list you as a referral on their application.

Payment Plan:
You may make incremental payments as long as full amount is paid by May 1. When paying through a credit card, you may elect to use a PayPal offering for "Bill me Later" which provides you with a 6 month payment plan, interest free. Note: This is a loan between you and PayPal; members should contact Bill Me Later Customer Support at  866-528-3733 for additional information.

Brookfield Swim Club membership dues can be paid online via PayPal, or by sending a check payable to Brookfield Swim Club, PO Box: 220067, Chantilly VA 20151.