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New Members:
New members pay the full amount of membership until July 15. On July 15, new members (households who have not been members in the past), pay a pro-rated fee of 60% of the full membership amount for the current season.  

 Membership Class  Payment Before July 15  Payment July 15 or later
 Family  $490 + $50 new membership fee  $324 + $50 new membership fee

Current Members:
Due to the current national situation, for the 2020 season, the discount will apply for all current members for this season.
Note: If you held a Couple or Individual Membership in the prior year, please contact the membership director at, for payment instructions.

 Membership Class  Payment Received Before May 1  Payment Received May 1 or later
 Family  $490  $490

Electronic Payment Bonus:
Members (including new members) who pay online will receive 10 guest passes.   This is a change from previous years where an early payment resulted in 10 guest passes.  However, auditing and tracking is easier when payments are electronic.  If paying with Venmo, Zelle, PoPMoney, or other electronic method other than PayPal, please direct the payments to   

Referral Bonus:
Current members who refer new members will receive 10 free guest passes for the season.  Note:  New member must list you as a referral on their application.

Payment Plan:
You may make incremental payments as long as full amount is paid before the start of the 2020 season. When paying through a credit card, you may elect to use a PayPal offering for "Bill me Later" which provides you with a 6 month payment plan, interest free. Note: This is a loan between you and PayPal; members should contact Bill Me Later Customer Support at  866-528-3733 for additional information.

Brookfield Swim Club membership dues can be paid online via PayPal using the button below, via PayPal, PopMoney, or Venmo using as the recipient, or by sending a check payable to Brookfield Swim Club, PO Box: 220067, Chantilly VA 20153.   Note that Venmo might require the account id which is @Brookfield-Swimclub for payment.   For Zelle payments, please contact the Treasurer for information required to send money; BB&T has temporarily stopped supporting business accounts from using Zelle.