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The board of directors is elected at the annual meeting held between October and December of each year. The board consists of 4 officers and 5 directors. Board members serve for a 3 year term with positions assigned after the board election. 1/3 of the board is replaced each year.

The board meets on the first Monday of each month at the Brookfield Swim Clubhouse at 7:30 p.m. Board meetings are open to all members. Disciplinary actions of the board are closed to general members and will be held outside of the standard board meeting. Minutes of board meetings are available to existing club members.

Click on the position of the board member to send that board member an e-mail.
 Name  Position  Term Expiration
 Michael Kapfer  President  Dec 2018
 Holly Tenaglia  Vice President  Dec 2019
 Scott Szachara  Treasurer  Dec 2018
 Chris Stavridis  Secretary  Dec 2020
 Scott Mowry  Administrator  Dec 2018
 Andrea Kelley / Imelda Kodrata  Swim Team Representatives  Dec 2020
 Christine Klosky  At Large  Dec 2019
 Ted Tinkelman  Outreach  Dec 2018
 Kim Overholt  Membership  Dec 2020

Clubhouse Coordinator:
The 2012 board created a position for Clubhouse Coordinator. This is a commission paid, non-board position. 

Click here to view the Brookfield Swim Club Bylaws.