Hand Thrown Unique Terracotta Earthenware Pottery, Sculpture and Musical Instruments

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The Brookfield Potter
Mark Arthur

Leicester, United Kingdom

Please contact me initially through the link on my YouTube page or my blog.


Art & Craft In Harmony

Koi moon jar detail.

Welcome to my little website. I specialise in barrel fired terracotta earthenware pottery and sculpture. Every piece from the simplest to the most complex is hand crafted and unique. You can watch various videos showing me at work by visiting my YouTube channel (see link). You can also keep up to date with my progress by visiting my blog.

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My Environmental Philosophy
Why do I choose to work as I do? Well, I choose to work in terracotta because it is the most common clay in the World. It is easy to find as it covers a large amount of the World's surface and therefore is an environmentally kind clay. Some clays are rare and fetch a high price, but they are harder to reach and so the environment is damaged by their mining.
Terracotta is an earthenware clay (if you're not aware, it is the burnt orange clay commonly used for flowerpots). This means that it fires at a low temperature, which uses less electricity and is kinder to the environment. I also use a green electricity supplier, producing power sustainably.
The pottery I make is also only fired once in the kiln. Most potters fire twice; the first firing is called a bisc firing and bakes the clay to around 1000 degrees C. The second is a glaze firing which is done at a high enough temperature to melt the glaze, which is applied to the pots after the bisc firing. Obviously single firing cuts down significantly on the evironmental cost, using half the normal amount of electricity to produce the finished pots. I then barrel fire the pots to create a unique surface patina on every pot. I do this using reclaimed wood and wood shavings.