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Learning Disabilities

It is estimated that one in five people struggle with a learning disability (LD), regardless of intelligence.  That means that approximately 20% of New Yorkers -- including NYPL patrons, staff, and their children -- need assistance to achieve their full learning power.   The high prevalence of LD also shows the importance of removing the stigma from this condition.  Sometimes a simple adjustment to our speech, a patient repetition, or change to a teaching method can make the difference between a moment where learning took place, or a moment where learning was lost. 

Featured Recommendation from CRW Staff

Elaine Sohn, Site Advisor for the Aguilar Center for Reading and Writing, turns the pages of the The New York Times every morning between sips of Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold.  Her eye caught the following article in the Science & Health section: "Study Says Dyslexia May Have Auditory Tie," by Pam Belluck. 
Have researchers discovered a new way of identifying dyslexia?   Overcoming Dyslexia author Dr. Sally Shaywitz (CRW recommended reading) thinks so -- see her comments about this study in the sixth paragraph.  With brain research surging ahead, news articles like this help us rethink the way we teach.  Check out the last paragraph of the article for a great practical teaching suggestion to help students with dyslexia in the classroom. 
After reading the article, one Aguilar tutor commented by email, "I have one son and two grandchildren with dyslexia, and the article was very interesting to read."  Let your site advisor know what you think.

Recommended Websites

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Partnership with Dr. Mary Kelly of the Fisher Landau Institute for the Treatment of Learning Disabilities, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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Dr. Mary Kelly: Adults Can Learn with Patience, Practice, and Repetition

Below are brief video excerpts from "Understanding Learning Disabilities," a workshop presented by the Centers for Reading and Writing, with featured speaker Dr. Mary Kelly.  Mary S. Kelly, PhD, is Director of the Fisher Landau Center for the Treatment of Learning Disabilities at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  The workshop took place on Friday, September 30, in the Bronx Library Center Auditorium, with an audience of volunteer adult literacy tutors, students, and staff of the New York Public Library.  In this information session, Dr. Kelly discusses the characteristics of learning disabilities and explains how the right kind of assistance and instruction can help people of all ages overcome the roadblocks to learning.

What Are Learning Disabilities? (Definition, examples, characteristics)

Best Practices: Instruction for tutors and students who deal with learning disabilities

Q&A with Dr. Mary Kelly:

Recommended Books & Articles

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