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Volunteer Tutors: The Lions of Literacy

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About the CRW

The Centers for Reading and Writing help adults who have difficulties reading and writing improve their communication skills. The Centers are welcoming neighborhood settings that help new readers and writers become comfortable with library services. All services are free for students registered in the program.

The Centers provide instruction in small groups, facilitated by volunteer tutors who are recruited, trained, and guided by professional staff members. The Centers have books, newspapers, magazines, and computer programs designed for new readers.

Features of the Library's literacy program include:

  • Small group tutoring using volunteers
  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • Publication of student writings in Writer's Voices
  • Lifelong Learning Collections
  • Book collections with a multicultural emphasis for adult new readers
  • Enrichment activities: programs on health and parenting, author presentations, African-American and Women's History Month celebrations, visits to museums and other cultural sites

The Library's Literacy and English Language Programs are funded by the Mayor’s Office of Adult Education as part of the New York City Adult Literacy Initiative, The New York State Department of Education, and The New York State Coordinated Outreach Services Grant.

For more information contact the Office of Adult Programs and Outreach, 455 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016-0122. (212) 340-0918.

Contact Information:

Site Advisor
Literacy Assistant
Office Aide/Mentor
Bronx Library Center
(718) 579-4222
Barbara Martinez
Sonia Lopez
Yaritza Collado
Najah Joseph
Lucille McCurdy (on leave)
Wakefield Branch
(718) 994-8782
Dolores Roberts
Charmain Haynes
Murat Kaya
Aguilar Branch
(212) 534-1613
Elaine Sohn
Colette Hughes
Yolanda Rodriguez
Harlem Branch
(212) 369-2714
Sisnur Araujo
 Hiring in progress
Mario Abud
St. Agnes Branch (212)790-3432
Seward Park Branch
(212) 529-2909
Theresa Sheehan
Hilary Schenker
Denise Mena
Raju Srinivasan
Tompkins Square Branch (212) 673-4528
Staten Island
St. George Library
(718) 816-1025
Geniene Monterrosa
Devin DeCicco
Hiring in progress for 2nd Tech Mentor