Bronco Snorkel
An overview of how I created a custom snorkel for my '86 Bronco.

Project History

On Memorial Day of 2007, I hydro-locked my engine within the first 5 seconds of attempting to do some 4-wheeling and mudding.  While I was looking for a good donor engine I decided that I wouldn't fall victim to another sucker hole...I decided to install a snorkel. 

If you have done any research on the subject, you know that a snorkel kit has never been created for a Bronco; most snorkel kits are made for Land Rovers.

To the right is a step by step guide showing how I created my Bronco snorkel using a Land Rover Discovery II snorkel and other custom made parts.

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The Process

The donor engine came out of an '87 F150, which had the air filter box and reservoirs mounted behind the drivers side headlight and the idnition coil over the engine. I liked this much more than the ignition coil hiding behind the A/C bracket in my '86 Bronco. So I installed all the '87 F150 brackets and components into my Bronco. The '86 setup would have worked well is personal preferance.

I started with some blocks of styrofoam. I made some rough measurements of the 2 air plumbing components I would have to constroct and then roughed out a sculpture of those components. One of these would couple directly to the base of the snorkel and the other would couple to the inlet of the air filter box.

After marking up the basic shape on the foam I started whittling with an exacto knife. A hot-wire foam cutter was also used to speed up the process.

Below, you can see where I made a round impression with a 3" fitting.

I whittled off the excess to form the round end where a flex hose will be installed.

Once both pieces were shaped, sanded, spackled and resanded, they were fiberglassed and then put into vaccum bags. It took some time because I had to sand out bubbles and flaws and then reapply fiberglass a few times to get them solid. After the fiberglass was done I dug out the foam from the fiberglass shelss and then ran some acetone through them to eat out any remnant foam.

Here are the completed items before painting. The first couples to the bottom of the snorkel...

...and this one couples to the inlet of the air filter box.

Here the items are laid out prior to installation. I trimmed off the "leaf and debris cather" from the OEM elbow that goes into the air box since the snorkel has one at the inlet and I wanted as much airflow as possible.

Here the next picture, the fiberglass items are painted black.  The flexible hose has since been shortened to remove the extra bend.

Here is a good shot of all of the components.  It will take a lot of effort for the water to get into the engine (I hope). 

Here you can see all of the '87 F150 air and reservoir components along with a hint of red MSD coil just below the wiper motor...I didn't like the '86 coil mount setup.  I had no problem with wire lengths when I moved the coil.

Here it is!