League Results for 2017-2018

The current standings of each team in the various leagues we play in can also be seen in their respective league websites in Links.

Our 1st team in the Kent Leagues lost to Hastings in the semi-final of the County Cup.

Our 2nd team in the Kent Leagues came 5th out of 7 in the En Passant Cup.

Our 3rd team in the Kent Leagues also came 5th out of 7 in the Harvey Cup.

Our 4th and 5th teams in the Kent Leagues both came last in the Tom Fuller and Intro Cups respectively. [We could do with some more players at this end of the playing spectrum]

Our Beckenham and Charlton London League team were relegated from the 2nd Division this year and will be playing in the 3rd Division next year. [We could do with some new stronger players willing to play in London on a Wednesday evening].

In the Croydon League, our first team came top of division 1. Our second team unfortunately came last in Division 2. Our 3rd team came 3rd in the 3rd Division, narrowly missing winning the Division by only half a game point.

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For results of internal competitions, see Club News