Club News for 2017-2018

Our FIDE Internal Tournament:

Congratulations to Joel Newman who scored 5.5 out of 8, just ahead of John Duggan with 5 out of 8.

Our non-FIDE Internal Handicap Competition 

The final of this competition was played on 26 July between John Gibb and Neil Lang with Neil overcoming John who was in serious time trouble.

The Verney Cup

This is awarded to the player who has scored the most points for the club against other clubs in league competitions. This year, the winner is Howard Walden.

The Rose Bowl

This is awarded to the winner of our annual handicap quickplay competition. 13 club members took part on 21st June 2018. It was an all-play-all competition this year and was won by Ian Snape, closely followed by Joel Newman (last year's winner) and Alan Sands. The final scores were:

Snape, Ian
Newman, Joel
Sands, Alan
Duggan, John
Griffiths, Jon
Selway, Richard 
Jiang, Freddy
Barlerin, Sam
Newman, Martin
Dovey, Andrew
Lang, Neil
Vigus, David

The annual Beckenham v. Bromley match took place on 7th June 2018 and was won by Bromley. 

Beckenham v Bromley 2018
    Beckenham       Bromley  
   Game Results
1 190 Richard Selway 1.0   0.0 Ian Snape 200
2 158 Sam Barlerin 0.0   1.0 Alan Sands 155
3 148 Adrian Davey 0.0   1.0 Jon Griffiths 144
4 143 John Gibb   0.5   0.5 Andrew Dovey 131
5 127 Steve Cousins 0.0   1.0 Malcolm Mourant 128
6 111 Howard Walden 0.0   1.0 Tony Foreman 117
7 110 Fred Wellings 0.0   1.0 Martin Newman 110
8 94 Mike Spencer 0.5   0.5 Neil Lang 100
9 55 Stephen Roberts 1.0   0.0 Jason Kevan 4

  1136 Grades Total Team Total   3.0   6.0 Team Total   Grades Total   1089
  9 no. of players           no. of players   9
  126.2 Av.Grade           Av.Grade   121.0

Bromley had white on odd boards.

Fred Wellings

In 2016 our chairman, Fred Wellings, retired from the post after 21 years. During that time, he has kept a watchful eye over the many changes that have occurred in committee membership, our financial situation, and management of our various teams. He has also been instrumental in designing one of our internal tournaments and locating our 5 changes of venue. Without his dedication, our chess club might not be the force that it is today.

We wish him well for the future.