Internal events

We have two internal competitions running throughout the playing season (September to June).

1) The FIDE rated competition is for our strongest players with a view to giving them the opportunity to obtain an international rating. This is run by Ian Snape from September to March. THe schedule for each round in the 2017-18 season is:
Round 1 - 14th September 2017
Round 2 - 12th October 2017
Round 3 - 9th November 2017
Round 4 - 23rd November 2017
Round 5 - 7th December2017
Round 6 - 18th January 2018
Round 7 - 15th February 2018
Round 8 - 1st March 2018
Round 9 - 22nd March 2018
Round 10 - 5th April 2018

The winner for 2017 is shown in Club News.

2) The non-FIDE competition is an all-play-all handicap competition run on a league basis until March followed by semi-finals and a final in April/May. This is run by Tony Foreman and the latest information is shown in Club News

We also hold 2 events at the end of each season for club members. On the first Thursday in June, there is a friendly match between Beckenham and Bromley residents. It starts at 7.45 and has a time limit of 30 moves in an hour and then 15 minute quickplay. This event requires pre-registration with John Gibb who will send out his details a few weeks before the event.

On the last Thursday of June, we hold a handicap quickplay competition at 7.30. 10 minutes total playing time per game. This event does not require pre-registration but a reminder will be sent to members a few weeks before the event.