Data Protection Notice



24th June 2018

1)     Who we are

When we refer to “we”, “us” or “the Club” in this notice, we mean Beckenham & Bromley Chess Club.

2)     Data Protection Officer

The Club Data Protection Officer is the Membership Secretary, who is a member of the Club Committee.

3)     What data we hold

We hold the following personal data for members solely for the purposes of the smooth running of the Club:

a)     Name

b)     Address

c)      Gender

d)     Phone Number(s)

e)     E-mail Address

f)       Age (for juniors aged under 18)

g)      ECF Grading Reference

h)     ECF Grade

i)        ECF Membership Number

j)        Annual Subscription Information

We ask all new members to provide us with their basic data (items a-f above) when they join the Club.   Grading information is taken from The English Chess Federation (ECF) database on their website; and the Club Treasurer is responsible for updating the subscription information.

Any changes in a member’s data during a Club year should be advised to the Club Data Protection Officer.

We ask existing members annually to confirm if their data are still current.

Parental consent is required for us to hold data for juniors under 12 years of age.

4)     How we use your information

We only use your information for chess related purposes to facilitate the smooth running of the Club’s activities, i.e.: regular Club evenings; team matches; internal competitions and events; and, any other chess matters related to the Club.

5)     Where we keep your information and how we keep it safe

Membership File

The data is held in a secure Membership File page on the Club website, where it is only available to Club Committee members.

Members Contact List

Members’ phone number(s), e-mail addresses and ECF grades are also held in a separate secure Members Contact List page on the Club website.  This page is only accessible to Club members and is used by the team captains and internal club tournament organisers.  It can also be used by members wishing to arrange friendly games with each other.   Members who do not want to play for the teams or in internal tournaments may choose to opt-out of having their data in the Members Contact List by contacting the Club Data Protection Officer.

6)      How long we keep your information for

We will keep your information for as long as you remain a member of the Club.

When you leave the Club your data will be deleted.

7)     Communication

The central point of contact within the Club for personal data is the Data Protection Officer.

If you have any concerns or disputes about your data which the Data Protection Officer cannot resolve, you should contact the Club Chairman.