Student Information


The Bromfield Tutoring Program aims to provide academic assistance for all interested students.


Requesting a Tutor...

The peer tutoring process begins when students contact the Program and provide contact information, availability, and subject level in which they would like to receive tutoring on a separate form that will be provided upon contact. If you wish to be tutored in more than one subject, please note that as well.


In addition to providing the information necessary for finding an appropriate peer tutor, the Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program now requires students to also agree to a set of student expectations. The Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program hopes this will help clarify the expectations and requirements for students receiving help from a peer tutor, as well as encourage students to play an active role in their tutoring experience. For more information on the Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program’s student expectations, click here.


Generally, the Bromfield Tutoring Program discourages students from requesting specific students as peer tutors. Due to the high demand for peer tutors, it is generally difficult to accommodate individual requests.


An exception is made for peer tutoring pairs who have worked together in the past. If you have been tutored by a student in previous years who you would like to continue working with this year, please indicate this on your Peer Tutor Request Form. The Bromfield Tutoring Program will make every effort to meet these requests.

Tutor qualifications…

The existence of the Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program is possible only through the dedication of the numerous students who volunteer their time and energy. As the Bromfield Tutoring Program aims to provide valuable learning experience to all student participants, we accept tutors of all ages and abilities. Students wishing to tutor must submit an application listing their subject level in whatever areas they wish to tutor as well as several teachers who may be contacted for referral.


If you have any further questions regarding the quality of the Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program’s volunteer tutors, please contact Bromfield guidance counselor Drew Skrocki (


Tutoring Sessions…

Tutoring Sessions take place daily in the Bromfield Library, both before school, from 7:00-7:35, and after school, from 2:25-3:00. When students request a tutor, they are asked which of these times they are available to be tutored. To increase the likelihood that the Bromfield Tutoring Program will be able to find an optimal peer tutoring match for the student, please list all possible availabilities.


Some students may find they wish to be tutored more often than once a week. Additional tutoring sessions should be discussed and scheduled directly with your assigned peer tutor.


If you become aware of a conflict before your first tutoring session, you should contact the Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program immediately, either by email ( or by letting the tutor know by email, phone, or in person at school. If you become aware of a conflict once you have begun your tutoring sessions, you should work out scheduling changes directly with your tutor. If for any reason you need the contact information for your tutor, do not hesitate to contact the Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program.


The Bromfield Tutoring Program hopes to encourage students to take their learning into their own hands as well, and requests that students attempt to come to every tutoring session with at least a vague idea of what topics they would like to focus on.

Finding a Tutor…

Students will be contacted by email as soon as their peer tutor request is received by the Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program.


The Bromfield Tutoring Program makes every effort to respond as quickly as possible to all tutor requests. Once we receive a request, our first step is to contact a volunteer tutor and verify that they are available and interested to tutor. The Bromfield Tutoring Program assigns peer tutors on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on the order in which Peer Tutor Request Forms are received. Requests are evaluated and students are assigned tutors based on their subject strengths and availability. As soon as that step is completed, the student is notified by email and arrangements for the first tutoring session are made. The Bromfield Tutoring Program will introduce the pair and organize a once a week tutoring session at a mutually available time.


After the first tutoring session the student-tutor pair will have each other’s contact information and both members will be responsible for working out changes in scheduling, etc. directly with their partner.

Additional Concerns…

Should you want to end your tutoring sessions before the school year is over, you should contact the Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program.

Should the student have any other questions or concerns involving the Bromfield Peer Tutoring Program and/or their individual tutoring arrangement they can contact: