What does B.R.O. stand for? --- Its Our Name, B. stands for Bike  R. stands for Rider  O. stands for Organization. Now for the beans of the B.R.O. Story. – It started in the minds of a few people in or around the fall of 1977 when Herb Clifford put an Ad in the WTN paper to see if anyone would be interested in starting a motorcycle club in the Watertown Area.

     We got a lot of interest in that and started to have meetings to see what we wanted to do. First off we needed a name for the club and we had to decide what name we would use. After a lot of suggestions we came up with B R O MC Eastern South Dakota which was suggested by Toad (nick name) RB’s suggestion of Dakota MC was voted down by one vote (oh well). Most people think BRO stands for Brotherhood of Bikers and their freedom to Ride which in our opinion isn’t totally wrong.

    Many of the early BRO’s were returning Viet Nam vets and knew the price of freedom to say the very lease! What we wanted as a Club was to enjoy our god given right to the freedom to ride our motorcycles as a group and do some good for our community and other people in need of help! Esp. our Club Brothers and as always we had each others back! Also keep in mind as a group we had a great deal of fun during Club Functions and Rides! Later on RB (nick Name) wrote down our first basic By Laws BRO MC incorporated those By Laws in 1979.

    The Story of the B.R.O. prick. – Well RB was the first B.R.O. member to receive this Mascot from the Hillbilly’s (B.R.O. MC. INC. Members in the Black Hills) also known as Leon Cordell, Harry William, and Gary Rector. BRO’s in the East River are called Flat-Landers. The reason RB got the First-Prick, was established by Leon Cordell because RB didn’t help with Harry Williams Garage in the Black Hills. RB just wanted to party. RB clams he helped both those guys with there projects but someone had to get the first B.R.O. prick. This tradition has carried on ever since and is passed from member to member each year.


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