He lives to express himself, and in so doing, enriches the world -Henry Miller.


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The door creaked loud and the light seeped in. It shamelessly peeped at everything in that dark room. Almost everything. The table on which the phantom was giving pow punches to the jungle law breakers. An innocent rocking chair that was broken and no longer can rock and no longer is innocent... books with dusty pages that tirelessly  talk about love,pain,sex,despair,isolation,passion and more and more.. 

There are more in that room than the light can see..More that only darkness can feel..

So.. So what?? All you see is not all you believe, and all you believe is not all that it is.. In this world where zeros and ones rule and become everything let me also be part.  How far can I get reflected here?  But I beleive its not important how far,what important is how precise..It cant be guaraunteed but it can be attempted. May be a meaningless attempt. May be you dont care whether I attempt or not..But my words are me.. I can lose myself in my words and search myself in my words..So let me do it.. In as many ones and zeros as I can...Let me create myself!!

Counting the sand...

1. Wings of Butterfly

2. Still less truth to tell

3. A Fullstop. A comma,