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top high school hockey
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June 10 Fitness Mill
June 10 Fitness Mill
The gym I go to is housed in this old mill. There are other businesses in here as well. Many of them fitness related; dance, karate, personal trainers. My son was the first member when he was working on gaining strength for hockey. Next, my daughter joined and finally I decided I might as well join too. My daughter was less than thrilled that I was joining and came up with two rules-first I could never go to her agility class. That class is all high school and college kids so that was no problem. Secondly, I couldn’t wear just a sports bra for a top. Ah, that was a no brainer. So I joined and have been a loyal member for years. While I was training for The Ride I quit going to the gym and boot camp. The last time I went my knee hurt for a week. I knew this was not the time for a sore knee so I stayed away. Last week I returned to boot camp. I was sore for a week! I expected some of it but not my legs! Today I felt good enough to return. When we started sit ups I realized some muscles were still sore and I struggled. Al, the instructor loves to pick on people but has always left me alone until today. From across the room he yells I see someone has been away from the gym a little too long. I looked his way and he was looking right at me with a big smile on his face. Later as we reentered the room from running some laps he claimed he wasn’t talking about me, really he said again with that big grin. I just laughed and knew he was right, I had been away too long. Next year, if my knee hurts during training I’ll keep going and just talk to him and find out what I need to do differently. He’s great about that. Here’s hoping I’m not so sore this week!
My Old School Capitals Pennant With Autographs
My Old School Capitals Pennant With Autographs
As it's playoff time again and everyone in DC seems to be rooting for the Caps to win the Stanley Cup this year, I thought I'd share this pic of my old school Capitals pennant I'd gotten many players to sign roughly 20 years ago. It seems a lot of people have become fans of late, which is cool, but some of us were fans before the lock out (that's when they drafted Ovi ya noobs). I think I've figured out who most of the autographs on here are. The few I'm not certain on I have hunches. The one in black in the top left is Yvon Labre, who at the time was the only Capital to have his number retired, and he is the only person to sign this who was not an active player at the time. The autograph just to the right of his is, I *think*, Don Beaupre (he hit on my mom once, totally awesome) or maybe Dmitri Khristich or Olie Kolzig. The other one I can't figure out is due right of the S in Capitals. I think it might be Nick Kypreos but I'm not sure. You can click the "All Sizes" button up there to view it much larger and with higher detail. So, any help anyone?

top high school hockey