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Spoiled Rotten

This Tutorial was written on 2.22.10 in the memory of my puppy Kilo who died on 2.13.10 of Parvo.

Any Resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed.


HappyTailz PTU Kit by Stina which is part of a collab kit by stina & tootypup.

You can purchase this wonderful kit here

Font of choice.I used LMS ScoobyDoo which you can get from the web.

Personal Image of your furry friend.

Let's Begin!!!

Open a Blank Image of 1000 x 700.

Open the woodenframe & BoneBall Frame2 into psp from kit.

C/P woodenframe as new layer.Image.Resize to 75%.Place in center of canvas.

C/P the BoneBall Frame as new layer.Resize to 65%.Place in upper left corner.

Duplicate.Image.Flip.Image.Mirror.Pull Pawprints from kit into psp.

Paste as new layer.Go to Image.Rotate.Free Rotate.Rotate 90 Degree Right. Duplicate.Image.Mirror.Flip.

Ok We have our base now let's start decorating it.

Jump onto the woodenframe layer.

Use magicwand to select it.

Open Paper of choice.

C/P as new layer onto canvas.Selections.invert.Delete.SelectNone.Move this layer below frame layer.

Jump onto your BoneBall Frame Layer.

Set your BG to a color from Paper.Add New Layer.FloodFill.Move below your frame layer.

Repeat for duplicate frame. Now while on this layeR. Use your magicwand again to select it.

C/P a Dog of choice from kit.

Paste as new layer. Selections.Invert.Delete.Now repeat again for BoneBall Frame1 using a different dog.

Now Paste your image of your furry friend onto canvas.Place inside the woodenframe.

Now add the kennel,sun & other elements of choice.I placed the sun on the upper right corner behind the woodenframe.

Resize the kennel to 55%.

Place at bottom.

Resize the ball to 35%.Place beside kennel. I then added a few of the toy elements & resized them.

Place them where you like. I also added wordarT,RESIZE to 55%.Place inside frame.

Set your font to LMS Scooby or one of choice,Size24,BG set to paper04,angle0,scale138.FG Null.

Type out your name.Convert to Raster.

Place where you like.

Add your copywrite/watermark.Save as PNG.