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Rainbow Bridge

This tutorial was written on 5.11.10 by me Beth,any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental.



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PTU Kit RainbowBridge part1 by Tootypup at Tootypup Scraps,This is part of a collab kit made by stina&tootypup

and you can purchase this wonderful kit here and here.


This is a copy/paste tutorial..

Let's Begin!!!

Open a 700 x 600 blank canvas.Floodfill with white.

Drag BlankFrame1a into psp.Paste onto canvas as new layer.Resize to 60%.

Drag rainbow shadow2 into psp.Paste as new layer.Move this below your frame layer on layer palette.

Drag Greenbush2 into psp.Paste as new layer.Resize to 90%.Place on left side of canvas.Move below your frame.

Drag bridge5 or one of chocie in psp.Tick your Frame layer.Use magicwand to select center of frame.

C/P bridge5 or whichever you used as new layer.Selections.Invert.Delete.Deselect.

On your layer palette move your bridge layer below your frame and bush layers.

Drag rainbowbridge4 and 9 into psp.Paste rainbowbridge9 as new layer.Place at bottom of canvas.

Now c/p rainbowbridge4 as new layer.Resize to 50%,Place on bottom left corner.Now drag the scroll1 & dove4 into psp.

C/P the dove as new layer.Rsize to 55%.Place on right side of canvas.Now c/p the scroll 1 as new layer.Resize to 40%.

Place in center of frame.On your layer palette.Move your scroll layer below your rainbow bridge layer.

Add other animals if you like.Resize to 40%.Place where you like best.Add your name and copywrite and save as png.