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Pink Champagne

This Tutorial was written on 1.16.10 by me.

This tutorial is my own creation & any resemblance from others is purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed:


Tube of choice.I am using the work of Jamie Kidd,You can purchase a license to use his work at Cilm.

Scrapkit of choice or you can purchase the beautiful PTU Kit by TootyPup called Pink Champagne here or here.

font of choice


Plugin-DSB Flux/Jiggle


Let's Begin!!!.

Open your mask & tube in PSP & Minimize for now.

Drag Frame7 into PSP.ShiftD to Duplicate. Use your eraser & erase parts of the doodles in the center.Use Mine above for example.

This way it doesnt show on your tube's face.Resize your frame to 75%.Postion in center of canvas. Add New Layer.Move this Layer below your Frame Layer.

Drag Papers 5,7,7d,8b &8c into PSP.C/P Paper8b onto canvas.Resize to 70%. C/P Paper5 as New Layer.Resize to 70%.Now use your picktool to turn slightly right.

Now repeat the above step for Paper7 except turn slightly to the left. Drag meshframe1 into PSP.C/P AS New Layer.

Move this layer below your lightpink paper layer but above your greypaper layer.Image.Resize to 80%.Now you use your picktool to pull out at the bottom and on the rightside.

Jump back onto your frame layer.Use magicwand to select the center.C/P Paper7 as New Layer.Selections.Invert.Delete.Move your PaperLayer under your FrameLayer. Do Not Deselect yet!!!

C/P your tube.You may need to resize if you used the same tube as me.Delete.Deselect.Move tube layer below frame layer if not already there.

Drag Beads1 & Bow3 into PSP.C/P Beads1 as New Layer. Image.Resize to 75%.Image. FreeRotate 90 degreez right. Place on right side on frame. C/P Bow3 onto canvas as NewLayer.Image.Resize to 40%.

Place at the top of the beads.Duplicate.Place on the bottom. Drag Doodles 3&4 into PSP. C/P them onto canvas.Place them where you like.Move the doodle layers below your grey paper layer.

Drag Champagne4,Glass9 and bubbles1 into PSP.Paste Champagne as New Layer. Resize to 70%.Place on left bottom side of frame.Now c/p Glass as new layer.

Resize to 50%.Place beside champagne.Duplicate.Resize to 90%.Move over.C/P Bubles as New Layer.Resize to 70%.Place on glass.Duplicate.Image.Mirror. Jump on your bottom Layer.FloodFill with white.

C/P Paper8c as New Layer. Layers. New Mask Layer.From Image.Load your WSL-Mask116.Click Ok.Right Click on MaskLayer,Merge Group. I add a slight noise of 35%,uniform. Add your name and copywrites.

Open AnimationShop at this point. Hang in there we are almost done..Jump on your bubbles layer.Effects.DSB Flux/Jiggle.

Apply -MovementType/Bubbles,Size25.96,Amount4.65,Twist28,Seed 4754.Click ok.

Repeat for Bubbles2 Layer. Edit.CopyMerged.Paste into AnimationShop as New Animation.Back to PSP.Edit.Undo Jiggle,Repeat the Undo jiggle Twice. Now Repeat the jiggle except this time click the seed twice on both bubble layers.

Edit.CopyMerged.Paste into AnimationShop after CurrentFrame.back to PSP.Repeat one more time except click the seed one for both bubble layers.Edit.CopyMerged.Paste into AnimationShop aftr CurrentFrame.

You should come out with 3 frames. In AnimationShop.Edit.SelectAll.Animation.FrameProperties.Change the speed to 40.WALAAAAAAAAA Admire your Work.

Save as gif.

Thanks for tryin my tutorial.