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Paradise Island

This tutorial was written by me on 4.19.10 and is my own creation.Any similarities to others are purely coincidental.

You will need the following supplies

PSP x2


PTU Kit by Stina called A Touch of Paradise (Gorgeaus Kit)You can purchase this beautiful kit here & here.It's worth buying
Poser Credits to
Designed By K
Tube of choice.I did not use any outside tubes for this tutorial.

font of choice.I used ChopinScript.

Let's get Started..This will be mostly copy/paste.

Drag Frames3&7 & Papers 12&13 into psp from kit.

Bring Frame7 into view.Resize to 80%,Move over to left side a bit.

Bring Frame3 into view.C/P as new layer onto canvas.Resize to 35-40%.Place on right side on frame.

Now bring Paper13 into view.Use your color picker to set your BG to #eaeace.We want a sandy Looking color.

Now select your freehand tool,set to freehand.I want you to draw a wavy selection covering the bottom inside your frame.

You may overlap the frame.Now add new layer.Floodfill your selection.

Use your smudgebrush with these settings:Round,Size78,Hardness35,Step25,Density75,Opacity85.Very softly smudge your sand.

Use mine above for reference.When you have it the way you like.Move your sand layer below you frame layers.

You may add a texture if you like.Now tick your frame7 layer again.Use your magicwand to select the center,C/P Paper12 as new layer.Selections.Invert.Delete.Deselect.

Move paper layer below all other layers.Now use your smudge brush again and just smudge over your swiggly lines on the paper.

Now add a few cloud tubes,I used a cloud brush.Use your magicwand to select the center.Add new layer .Floodfill with white.Change blendmode to overlayer & the opacity to 78.Deselect.

Drag surfboards into psp.C/P them onto canvas.Resize to 40%.Place on left side on sand. Drag Fern into psp.C/P as new layer.Resize to 80%.Now move this layer below your surfboards and frame layers.

I then pasted the fern again,resize to 35%.Place on bottom corner of frame.Duplicate.Mirror.Duplicate again.Move down just a bit.Drag flower of choice into psp.Paste as new layer.Resize to 15%.Place on fern.

Drag LoungeChair into psp.C/P as new layer onto canvas.Resize to 35%.Place on left side inside frame.Now drag some palmtrees from kit into psp.C/P as new layers onto canvas.Resize them to 40%.

I placed one on the right side & one on the left side on the outside of the frame.

Drag the tikibar into psp.Paste as new layer.Resize to 30%.Place inside the frame.

I then pasted the coconut as new layer.Resize to 15%.Place on the palmtrees.

Drag leilani5 into psp.Resize to 55%.Place her on the loungechair.Now drag the cocktail or drink of choice into psp.Paste onto canvas.Resize to 25%.Place in middle of your tube's legs.You may need to use eraser.

Drag the sun into psp.Paste onto canvas.Place at the top corner on left side.

Set your font to ChopinScript,size18,BG#ec5ea4,FG#58c8de.Type out Paradise Island.Convert to reaster layer.Now change the size of your font to 12.In your smaller frame.Type out= Wish you were Here!!! Convert to raster.

Now add your name and copywrite.If you used the poser plz credit the poser artist.

Edit.Copymerged.Open Animationshop at this point.Paste as new animation in animationshop. Back to Psp.Move your sun to the right just a little. Edit.Copymerged.Paste into animationshop after current frame.

Kepp repeating this till you have 9 frames in animationshop.Slide your slider back to first frame.Edit.SelectAll.Animation.Resize animation to width 515 height 386,smartsize.Click ok.Now Change your speed to 80.

View and save your work.Thanks for trying out my tutorial..