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Pampered Pup

This Tutorial was written by me on 2.17.10 & any similarities to others are purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed:


PTU Kit called PuppyLove by Stina.You can purchase this kit here or here.

font of choice.



Let's Get Started!!!

Pull up Frame04 from kit into psp.SHIFT D to duplicate.Resize to 80%.

Pull up Paper24 in PSP.Use your magicwand to select the center of your frame.

C/P Paper24 as new layer.Selections.invert.delete.Deselect.Move your paper layer below your frame.

Open the doghouse in psp.Select the center of frame once more using your magicwand.

C/P the doghouse as new layer.Selections.Invert.Delete.Move your doghouse layer below your frame.

On your doghouse move down just a bit.Pull up Puppy05 or one of choice into psp.

Paste as new layer.Resize to your liking.Place in front of doghouse.Pull up Bone01 & PawPrint05 into psp.

Paste Bone onto image as new layer.Resize to 25%.Place at bottom of puppy.Now move this layer below your puppy layer.

Now pull up wordart05 into psp.C/P as new layer onto image.I changed the color of mine but this is your choice.

Go to Adjust,Hue & Saturation,Colorize.Change to your liking.Resize to 35%.Place on doghouse.Add a gradientglow of choice.

I then added string1 & Bow4 as new layers.Resize to 55%.Place on left side.Resize the bow to 45%.Place on left side.Duplicate.

Place below the first bow.Refer to mine above for placement.Add more elements if you like.Add your name & copywrites.

Merge All Visible.

Now c/p the PawPrint as new layer.Resize to 25%.Place at bottom.Now duplicate 10 times for total of 11.Place around outside of frame.

Rename paw1,paw2 etc.

Now choose a paper of choice from kit.

Set as your BG Pattern from your material palette,Angle0,Scale150.Set your font to PupCat,size14.

Type out the letter P.Place on your Paw1.Move this layer above your paw1 layer.Rename Letter P.

Do this all the way up typing out Pampered Pup.Renaming each layer.Ok now we have that part done.Open AnimationShop.

In PSP.Start at the top,close off all of your paw/letter layers except Paw1.Edit.CopyMerged.

Paste into AnimationShop as New Animation. Back to PSP.Open LetterP.Edit.CopyMerged.Paste into Animationshop after currentframe.

Back to PSP.Open Paw2 Layer.Edit.CopyMerged.Paste into Animationshop after currentframe.

Back to PSP.Open Letter A Layer.Edit.Copymerged.Paste into Animationshop after current frame.

Keep repeating this till you have all layers into Animationshop.You should end up with 22 frames in animationshop.

While in Animationshop.Edit.SelectAll. Animation.Frame Properties.Change the speed to 30.View Animation.Save as gif.

Thanks for trying out my tutorial.