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This tutorial was written on 6.13.10 by me (Beth) any resemblences to other tutorials is purely coincidental.
You will need
PTU Kit by Stina over at CullenaryDelights called Who's That Girl which you can purchase here & here.
No outside tubes were used for this tutorial.I used the poser tube that is included in the kit.
font of choice
Plugin-EC5 Impact/Backlight
Mask10 by wynter which you can grab here
Let's Get Going!!!
Open a 700 x 500 blank canvas.Floodfill with white.
Add a new layer.Floodfill with black.
Layers.New Mask Layer.From Image.Load your mask10.Click Ok.
Right click on mask layer in layer palette.Merge group.
Drag Cityscape from kit into psp.
C/P as new layer onto canvas. Move down to bottom in center.Move your mask toward the top.
Drag Loudenscar from kit into psp.Paste as new layer.Place at bottom in center.
Now drag StinaPunk4 into psp from kit.
Paste as new layer.Move this layer to the top of all layers in layer palette.
Now use your eraser tool & very carefully erase the bottom part of her body.
Making sure you don't erase her hand.
Next,Drag Handcuffs,Whip01,Wordart10 into psp.
C/P handcuffs as new layer.Resize to 30 % then resize again to 65%.
Place on mirror of the car.
C/P the wordart as new layer.Move this layer above your cityscape layer.Now paste the whip as a new layer.
Add your name & copywrite.If you used the poser plz give credit to ©Medi.
Jump down to your cityscape layer.
Effects.Plugins.EC5 Impact/Backlight.Apply these settings.
Basic Tab-Direction/270,BL Distance 35.80,Expand 37,Mode/Outline checked,Slices 100,Blur 0.79,Streaks 0,Streak Size 2.78,Seed 5019.
Colors Tab-Smoothness 33,Move your color icons to the colors you like.Opacity 30. Click ok.
Edit.CopyMerged.Open AniamtionShop.Paste as New Animation.
 Back to PSP.
Edit.Undo Backlight.
Repeat backlight but this time change the direction to 248,distance to 196.93,seed to 1196.
Click oK. Edit.CopyMerged.Paste into Animationshop after currentframe.
Back to PSP.Edit.Undo Backlight.Repeat but change direction to 297.Distance to 164.13.Seed to 5872.Click ok.
Paste into animationshop after currentframe.Edit.SelectAll.Animation.FrameProperties.
Set the speed to 60.View Animation.Save as gif.