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Love Birds

This tutorial was written by me on 2.7.10 & any resemblances to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed.


Tube of choice-I used the PoserTube that it is included with the PTU Kit.

Kit of choice or you can purchase the beautiful PTU Kit TweetHeart by Stina here or here

font of choice-I used Saginaw Bold


Mask72 by ButterflyFlutterby-here


Let's Begin by Pulling these elements into psp.

Dove1&2, Balloons, Birdcage, LilMissTweetHeart, Hearts2,Paper 6 and your mask.

Open a 650 x 600 Blank Canvas.Floodfill your bottom layer with white.

C/P Paper6. Load your Mask72 from image,SourceLuminance Checked,Invert MaskData Unchecked.

Right click on mask layer in layer palette.Merge group. Use your magicwand to select the center of mask.

Selections.Modify.Expand by 6.Add new layer.Floodfill with #ff95af. Move this layer below your mask layer. Duplicate twice.

Effects.Plugins.Xenofex2/LittleFluffyClouds with these settings> Basic-54.32,30,50 Color#ff95af for both. Mode Fluffy.

Camera & Sky-SeamlessTile checked.Draw SkyBackground Checked.Same color as above. Click Ok.

Now repeat the plugin for the duplicates but hit random seed once for each layer.

C/P the birdcage onto canvas.Resize to 35%. Move to the leftside of canvas.

C/P the doves as new layers.Resize both to 35%.

Place one on edge of birdcage.Place the other dove toward top and use picktool to slighty turn upwards. See mine above for example.

Paste the LilMiss as new layer.Resize to 40%.Place where you like best.

Now Paste the balloons as new layer.Resize to 25%.Place in the hand of your LilMiss tube.

Set your font to Saginaw,size36,FG Null,BG to Paper or color of choice.Type out LoveBirds.Convert to Raster. Place at bottom of mask.

I also added a light gradientglow ,color white,3.00. Now paste the hearts3 as new layer.Resize to 20%.Place in center of mask on clouds.

Add your copywrite & name.

Jump onto your CloudLayer1.

Apply the flood plugin with the settings below:

60,3,30,60,37,48,41,4,60,83,71.Click ok.

Now take your eraserbrush,size 47.Erase any overhang from side and bottoms of frame.

Repeat plugin for CloudLayer2 &3.

Also Repeat using eraser to erase overhang.

On your Hearts3 Layer.Use your eraser to erase the bottom of the heart just a bit.

Close off CloudLayer2 & 3 for now.

Open CloudLayer1. Edit.CopyMerged.Paste into Animationshop as new animation.

Back to PSP.

Close off CloudLayer1.Open CloudLayer2.Edit.CopyMerged.

Paste into Animationshop after currentframe. Back to PSP.

Close off Cloud2.Open Cloud3.Edit.CopyMerged.Paste into Animationshop after current frame.

Close out PSP.

Now we have 3 frames. Edit.SelectAll.Animation.FrameProperties.Change Speed to 50.

View Animation.Save as gif.

Thanks for trying my tutorial...