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Irish Pride

This tutorial was written by me on 3.1.10 & any resemblences to others is purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed


Tube of your choice,I did not use any outside tubes.

PTU Kit by TootyPup called PotofGold which you can purchase here or here

font of choice. I used Celtic


Let's begin.

Open a 700 x 600 blank image..

Pull up papers 1,10 & 12 from kit into psp.

C/P Paper1 onto image.Resize to 45%.

Repeat for paper10.

Now use your picktool on bottom right node to pull up..

Paste your last papers as new layer.Resize to 40%.Leave as is..

Now resize all papers to 137%.

Close off bottom layer.Merge PaperLayers visible.


Apply-Grid Settings 35,Symetric checked,Glass 50,Edge 0,Grout 2,GroutDiffusion 50.Click ok.

Resize to 80%.Change the Opacity to 59% over on your Layers Palette.

Pull up the globe1 from kit into psp. Image.Resize to 40%.Pull up leprechauns3&4 from kit into psp.

C/P Lep3 as new layer onto image.

Resize to 50%.Place on bottom left side or where you like best.

Now c/p Lep4 as new layer.

Resize to 40%.Place beside Lep3. Use mine above for placement.

Pull up PotofGold Element of choice from kit into psp.

C/P as new layer onto image.Resize to 40%.

Move this layer below your globe layer if not already.

Pull up rainbow1 from kit.Paste as new layer onto image.

Resize to 35%.Place over your PotofGold.Now pull up horseshoe6.

Paste as new layer onto image.Resize to 15%.

Place on Lep's hand.Use your eraser,Size4. Now erase bits of horseshoe.We want him to hold the shoe.

Pull up deco1 into psp from kit.

Jump onto your bottom layer. Paste your deco1 as new layer.

I also added deco6 .Place on right side.Set your font to whatever u r using,Im using Celtic,SIZE30.

Set your BG to Paper5. Type out Irish Pride.Convert to Raster. I then added a gradientglow of 3.00,Color yellow.

Add your name and copywrites.

Jump to your bottom layer. Floodfill with either white or black,I chose black.

Jump onto your rainbow layer.

Adjust. Add/Remove Noise.Add Noise of 30.uNIFORM & Monochrome checked.

Edit.Copymerged.Paste into AnimationShop as New Animation.

Back to PSP. Hit undo once.

Apply the noise again but this time to 35%.

Edit.CopyMerged.Paste into animationshop after currentframe.

Now in animationshop.

Edit.SelectAll. View Animation.

Save as gif.

Thanks for trying out my tutorial..