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Heaven's Playground

This tutorial was written by me Beth on 5.11.10,any similarities to others are purely coincidental.

You will need


PTU Kit Rainbow Bridge by Stina at CullenaryDesigns,This kit is part2 to a Collab made by Stina and Tootypup.

You can purchase these wonderful kits here and here.

No outside tubes were used.


font of choice

This will be a long tutorial but the results is well worth it at the end.

Let's Begin!!!

Open a 700 x 500 blank canvas.Drag Frame3 into psp.Paste as new layer & resize to 70%.

Move to top of canvas.Drag RainbowBridge1 into psp or one of chocie.Paste as new layer.

Place at bottom.Move your frame layer below the bridge layer.

Use your picktool to pull out on both sides of the bridge.

Now use your eraser to erase parts of the rainbow inside the frame.

Drag Paper35 into psp.Jump onto your frame layer.Use magicwand to select the center.

Paste paper as new layer.Selections.Invert.Delete.Deselect.Move paper layer below frame.

Drag cloud2 into psp.Paste as new layer.Place at top of canvas.Move your cloud layer below your bridge layer.

Duplicate.Image.Mirror.Now duplicate again.Move this layer above your bridge layer & place in center.

Drag AngelWings_Sheba into psp.Paste onto canvas.Resize to 40%.Move below your frame layer.

Set your font,size 24,FG.Null.BG #680884.Type out Heaven's Playground.Convert to raster.Place at top.

Now using same font,size 14 type out your name.Convert to raster.Place in bottom right corner.Add your copywrite.

Now comes the fun part.Edit.Copymerged.Open Animationshop.Paste as new animation.Back to psp.Jump on to your Angelwings layer.

Move him up above the first cloud layer.Edit.Copymerged.Paste into animationshop after currentframe.Back to PSP.

Now move him above your bridge layer.Edit.Copymerged.Paste in animationshop after currentframe. Back to psp.

Move him above your last cloud layer and then move him on your canvas down just a bit.

Edit.Copymerged.Paste into animationshop after currentframe.Back to psp.Move him down a little more.

Edit.copymerged.Paste into animationshop after currentframe.You should have 5 frames in AS.

Edit.SelectAll.Animation.FrameProperties.Change speed to 85.View your work and save.