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Fairy Dust Dreams

This Tutorial was written by me on 3.11.10 & all others are purely a coincidence.

Supplies Needed.


PTU Kit FlutterbyFae by Stina which you can purchase here or here.

No outside tubes were used in this tutorial.

font of choice,I used FrenchScriptMT


Open a 900x650 blank image.

Pull FlutterbyGarden5 into psp from kit.

C/P as new layer.Resize to 75%.Place in center of canvas.

Now pull mushrooms1 from kit into psp.Paste as new layer.Resize to 80%.Place below garden layer.

Pull Pond1 into psp.C/P as new layer.Resize to 55%.Place on bottom right side in front of garden.

Duplicate.Image.Mirror.Pull horses element into psp.Paste as new layer.

Resize to 35%.Place on left side on bridge.Now pull up the Fae w Horse in psp.Paste as new layer.

Resize to 45%.Place on right lower side.Pull up FuttebyDust1 & FaeDust1 into psp.

C/P them as new layers onto image.Resize FaeDust to 35%.Place where you like best and duplicate.

Place on oppsite side.Now resize flutterbydust to 35 to 40%. Place at bottom of canvas .

We need to move out of eyesight just a bit.Now duplicate.Image Mirror.Move this up so that it shows.

Set your font to FrenchScript MT,Size 48,BG paper17,FG Null.Type out FairyDustDreams.Convert to raster.

Place along the bottom of canvas.Add a white gradientglow of 3. Add your name and copywrites.

Resize to 75%.All Layers Checked. Edit.Copymerged. Open Animationshop.

Paste as New Animation. Back to PSP. Move your butterflies up just a bit.

Edit.Copymerged.Paste after currentframe in AS.Back to PSP.

This time just move the butterflies on the leftside up and over just a bit.

Edit.Copymerged.Paste after currentframe in AS. Back to PSP. Repeat for right side.

Edit.Copymerged.Paste after currentframe in AS. bACK TO psp. Keep Repeating till you have 11 frames in AS.

Back to PSP.Jump onto your butterflie layer on the left. Image.Flip. Edit.Copymerged.Paste after currentframe in AS.

Now while in AS.Edit.SelectAll.Animation.Frame Propertie.Set the speed to 35%. View Animation.Save as gif.

Thanks for tyring my tutorial..